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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Heath officials on Tuesday reported three additional deaths in Oregon due to COVID-19, raising the state’s death toll to 207.

Oregon Health Authority on Monday morning also reported 181 new confirmed and presumptive cases of coronavirus, bringing the state total 8,656. The new cases were reported in the following counties:

  • Clackamas: 19
  • Coos: 1
  • Deschutes: 10
  • Jackson: 5
  • Jefferson: 12
  • Josephine: 2
  • Klamath: 3
  • Lake: 2
  • Lane: 7
  • Lincoln: 3
  • Linn: 4
  • Malheur: 7
  • Marion: 25
  • Multnomah: 38
  • Polk: 2
  • Umatilla: 9
  • Union: 10
  • Wasco: 1
  • Washington: 18
  • Yamhill: 3

All three deaths reported on Tuesday involved people with underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 205th COVID-19-related death involved a 74-year-old man in Marion County. He tested positive on June 18 and died on June 29 at his home.

Oregon’s 206th COVID-19-related death involved a 93-year-old man in Marion County. He tested positive on June 19 and died on June 29 at Salem Hospital.

Oregon’s 207th COVID-19-related death involved a 66-year-old woman in Marion County. She tested positive on June 12 and died on June 27 at Salem Hospital.

More information is available at, including a weekly report from OHA. The weekly report includes the number of recovered cases by county.


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(8) comments

Frederick Fukov

Question; Does tear gas kiII the corona virus?


0.0000492857% of the population has died to Covid. Considering in 2017 the Flu killed 572 peoplevs. covids 207. The Governor made a call that cost 360,000 jobs. 1 in 8 workers. That she's now extended the emergency status for another 60 days. That she's violated 4.2 million Oregonians of their constitutional right to travel unmolested. The masks merely are meant to stop you from infecting others from droplets. If your not infected. Then it only serves to obstruct that persons ability to BREATH. Ironically, during the time when authority is being blamed for choking people. They make it law to force you to choke yourself. It is law now that you are to be Hoisted upon your own petard. Then she's wanting to force people against their will to stay home. Shutting down businesses again, costing more jobs, and she's already ruined tens of thousands of businesses over this. I'd say dereliction of duty, but this was on purpose for an election! We all know it. I'm not saying covid doesn't exist! I'm saying the emergency is as much a shame as impeachment.


And she wants to shutdown the state again. As of tomorrow violating 4 millions Americans constitutional rights to travel unmolested. Cost the state millions of jobs and for a virus that has killed 0.002164% of the population. She needs to be put on trial for treason. Not just simply recalled.

Frederick Fukov

What's this about being molested when we travel? I heard this happens at rest stops, but I never thought that could be condoned and allowed by a Governor's executive order. Wow..that bloes.

Frederick Fukov

I think it will really help if we have thousands more personal hygiene challenged morons packing into downtown Portland.





Kenny Rogers

I agree. I already signed the petition.

Frederick Fukov

So did I..last week.

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