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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV)- Just this week, Oregon has had three consecutive record-breaking days of COVID-19 cases. Saturday, the Oregon Health Authority reported 1,509 new cases, the highest count to date.

"I don't know what to say to people except for wake up Oregon, wake up," Chelsea Alionar, a COVID-19 long hauler, said.

She said as cases continue to rise, she's feeling helpless. Alionar contracted the virus in March, and more than 250 days later, she's still feeling its symptoms.

"I know what this virus does to somebody. I know how it ruins their quality of life. I don't want to see anyone go through that, and nobody is going to get it until they actually get the virus," Alionar said through tears.

She thinks the worst is yet to come.

"Oregon is now, our numbers are ticking up really quickly. I'm afraid they're not going to get the help they need," Alionar said. "I think it's going to get really sad and really devastating in the next couple of months, even the next 30 days."

Rebecca Frasure agreed. She was one of the first people to get COVID-19 after visiting Japan at the beginning of the year. She said she's devastated to see the numbers getting worse.

"What is it going to take? How many deaths is it going to take for someone to change their mind? This isn't going to go away if we don't start to make some really hard choices and sacrifices," Frasure said.

So, now the holidays are right around the corner, Frasure is urging people to think twice before gathering and think about essential workers.

"Please think about all of the doctors and nurses and all of the people who can't stay at their homes who are providing a service," Frasure said. "The folks who are being upset about the mandates to not gather and stay home are just spitting in those people's faces, and it's not right."

Both Alionar and Frasure changed their plans for the holidays and asked you to consider changing your plans, too.

"Ultimately, we determined it's safest and most responsible thing to not get together this year. It was a really, really difficult decision but one that was necessary, so we make sure we have all of our family around next year," Frasure said.

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Good news rarely makes the news. That being said, I had COVID in July and it's still wreaking havoc on my sinuses.


Well I know 4 people who have had covid 19 who don't have any lingering problems. Where did they dig these people up? Always the doom and gloom, where is story about the ones who have had the virus and are completely healed now?


'where is story about the ones who have had the virus and are completely healed now?' Nobody will hear about them because it will interfere with the politicians narrative and agenda of keeping people living in fear. And what is the best way to control people? Fear.


You are so correct. I don't watch 60 minutes but I saw that one of segments last night was exactly this- people who have had covid and still have some issues.

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