GRESHAM, OR (KPTV) – A pair of dogs were rescued along Beaver Creek in Gresham, and it took some hard work to get one of them to safety.

The Gresham Fire Department says they were called to assist the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control with an animal rescue off Southeast Beaver Creek Lane at 11:30 a.m. Sunday. 

Gresham Fire says two dogs had been abandoned in a nearby park. The first one was found and rescued Saturday with the help of fire crews, and MCSO and Animal Control continued looking for the second dog on Sunday.

Residents were able to hear the dog all night from somewhere in Beaver Creek canyon, according to firefighters. 

Sunday morning, MCSO and Animal Control spotted the dog about 50 feet down a steep hill next to a waterfall and directly above a cliff that drops about 100 feet straight into Beaver Creek. 

“We don’t usually have an animal in a cliff or have to call out Gresham Fire for a rope rescue,” said Animal Control Officer Tiffany Pelland with Multnomah County Animal Services. “We’re not usually rescuing animals right next to a waterfall.”

Gresham Fire’s Technical Rescue Team responded with a ladder truck and a heavy rescue vehicle with additional technical rescue equipment.  

A firefighter was lowered with ropes from the end of the ladder to get to the dog.

“There were a couple minutes where we’re all like, ‘Where is he? What’s he doing?’ We couldn’t see him, so it was heart-wrenching not knowing what was going on,” said Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputy Jessie Volker. 

Gresham firefighter Brett Swenson says the dog was scared and it was difficult to get a hold of him.

But eventually, he was able to corral him, get him into a pillowcase and hoist him up.

“I thought he was gone. I thought the water was just going to take him right over because right where he landed was just a little ledge, barely enough room for both of us to be on there,” said Swenson. “Another few inches and the water just would have swallowed him right up.”

The dog was cold and wet, but otherwise OK.

Both dogs are with Multnomah County Animal Services. 

The sheriff’s office says they’re not sure if the dogs are lost strays or if they were abandoned. Now, they’re hoping an owner will come forward, or they can be adopted.

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