Cyclist hit by driver in Tigard, driver faces hit and run charges

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Tigard police are investigating a crash involving a driver who took off after a cyclist clipped his car.

Surveillance video showed the driver turning right in front of the man on his bike and then drive away after the cyclist flips over the back of his car.

The crash happened right outside Hudson Plaza off of Highway 99 in Tigard.

Brian Engelhard, an avid cyclist, was riding his bike Tuesday during the evening commute when he said a driver in front of him didn’t check before they turned.

“Once you hear the noise you never forget it, there’s just this noise of all that plastic just crunching and braking,” Engelhard said.

Surveillance video from a nearby business showed a silver car turning right in front of Engelhard into the parking lot.

“You can see how I hit the car and just crunched everything and this is all broken in here,” he said.

This stretch of Highway 99 is downhill and Engelhard said he was going over 30 miles an hour.

“The bikes sliding and I’m gonna go left like it starts to slide and I’m gonna go under the car so I let go of my brakes to try to get around him and then I hit the back side of his car,” he said

Engelhard told FOX 12 he’s far from hopping back on his bike, walking with a slight limp.

“And then I have a pretty big contusion there,” he said.

But it’s also not the first time he’s been in a crash. Each time, he hopes, is a lesson for drivers.

“Cyclists have cars and are people too. There is no possible way a bicycle is going to do anything worse than maybe have you wait 6 seconds,” he said.

Police said they’re still investigating, reviewing surveillance footage and talking to the driver.

That person, investigators said, has not been arrested yet they face hit and run charges.

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