SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Salem police are investigating a $20 counterfeit bill being used to buy Girl Scout cookies from a Girl Scout troop in Dallas, Oregon.

The girls were set up over the weekend at the Walmart of Lancaster in Salem when the incident happened.

They say a man bought a box of cookies with the bill. Ava Brown says the man handed her the money. She says it didn’t feel or look quite right.

“The bill didn’t look right, it was smaller, bluish tint and it just wasn’t the same as the rest of the bills,” Brown said.

At the time, the 13-year old said she felt too intimidated to say anything to the man.

“She got a twenty dollar bill and instantly felt that it was different, but the person intimidated her, so she didn’t want to confront him,” Brown’s mom, Tiffany Brown, said.

The troop reached out to FOX 12 in hopes of warning other troops to be on the lookout. The Girl Scouts are almost halfway through their four-week sales period.

Both Brown and her mother say they are disappointed that someone would use fake money, especially since the money raised from cookies sales helps local troops.

“It’s not nice, it is not kind to other people and it is not fair,” Ava Brown said. “Us Girl Scouts work really hard and I am proud to say I am a Girl Scout.”

“Girl Scouts doesn’t cover it, so it is something, it definitely comes out of their hard earned money,” Tiffany Brown said.

Anyone with information about the fake $20 should contact the Salem Police Department.

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