PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Against the odds, the Portland Trail Blazers have forced game seven in their series against the Denver Nuggets.

The game will be played on Mother’s Day, which might have some Rip City fans changing the plans they had made for the holiday.

Gina Johnson is one of them. She is a fixture at the Moda Center and has even been known to rush the court after a big game.

“I’m there to represent and be the biggest fan they have,” Johnson said. “Win, lose or draw, I’m still happy.”

Johnson is more than just a fan, she is a mom. She’s Damian Lillard’s mom, to be exact.

“Damian, he’s always been that person that wants to come out on top. He’s not going to give up.”

And, like any mom, Johnson’s face lights up when she talks about her son. One day after his team won game six against the Nuggets, she spoke to FOX 12 about the obstacles the Blazers have overcome this season.

“They’ve been playing through the injuries. It’s just been a lot. I’m super proud of them either way it goes,” Johnson told FOX 12. “He [Lillard] hasn’t been feeling well but he’s been playing really good.”

Johnson said before he earned the nickname “Dame Dolla” her son was giving her plenty of reasons to be proud. She recalls the times she would watch him speak at church.

“His personality, made him standing up there in the pulpit, reading the scriptures and dancing with the dynasty dance team. It made it special.”

Now, Lillard is best known for being a four-time NBA All Star and one of the best point guards in the league.

His mom always watches from the stands, although she said it can get heated when hecklers sit nearby.

“They talk a lot of smack and I talk back,” Johnson said, with a chuckle.

Dame’s mom said she usually sits by CJ McCollum’s mom and the two will be present at Sunday’s playoff game at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

“We’re going to go watch them win," she said.

A wonderful Mother’s Day gift, although Johnson admits, the timing of the game might not be ideal for some mom’s.

“I think a whole lot of them will have to split the Mother’s Day with the basketball game," Johnson said.

Her advice for those Rip City mamas, “Have a blessed day no matter what you’re doing because if they’re with you or away from you, I’m sure they love you.” She said. “I know my son loves me.”

The Blazers will play at 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

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