PORTLAND, OR (KPTV)- Demonstrators pulled down the Thomas Jefferson statue in front of Jefferson High School Sunday.

The words “slave owner” and “George Floyd” were written on the white marble base where the statue had stood.

Jefferson High School was the starting point for Sunday’s march which was organized by Rose City Justice to protest the killing of George Floyd and police brutality. They had planned to march to Alberta Park in northeast Portland.

Neighbors who live near Jefferson High School stopped by to see the fallen statue.

"Honestly, I'm just very emotionally charged right now," said Tope Sosanya. "We're addressing white supremacy finally, and it’s just something we grew up with. And it’s been so normalized that people on our money would - which is supposed to be good to have - would have owned me."

But not everyone was happy to see the vandalism.

"It's part of my building. I don't like to see my building defaced," said James Dean, head custodian of Portland Public Schools.

PPS will decide what happens with the Jefferson statue now. Some hope it goes and the school named for him is renamed.

FOX 12 reached out to PPS to find out what they plan to do about the statue, but have not received a reply.

On Saturday, protesters in Eugene knocked down The Pioneer Man and Pioneer Mother statues at the University of Oregon.

The removal of the statue comes in response to the national movement against racism and police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

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(13) comments

Husky Loyalist

Ignorance on display. If they knew anything about Jefferson they would not have done this but then again this is the same illiterate mentality that resulted in damaging a abolitionist statue and defacing the statue of Lincoln and the memorial for the first all Black regiment of the Union Army in the Civil War. Fools on parade. They want to destroy any reminders of our past. Of course the school officials probably won't say anything about it and the police were nowhere to be found.


Such ignorance is astounding. Take a look at Africa and it's current-day slavery. The highest rate in the world. This article by Quartz Africa from 2018 puts the number at over 9 million people enslaved. Slavery ended 155 years ago in the United States, tardies.

Gotta wonder how many of the slaves there today would switch places with these ignorant Americans. Those who are enslaved today would be free here in the USA had it been their ancestors who were brought here as slaves hundreds of years ago. How many Africans would give anything to come to the USA? People from all over the world want to come live here because of freedom and opportunity for all.

History isn't always pretty, kiddos. But, current-day in many African nations is heII. Live in the now. Be grateful for the sacrifices of those who made it possible for us to be here today.

Just curious

[thumbup]Thanks for the history education.

Mr pickles

I agree with every statement here...if I said the same thing, I'd get banned like I did Allready. Thanks for saying what I couldn't.

Eliza Cassan

The Bill of Rights, which gives us our freedoms including the right to assembly, was inspired by Jefferson. These punks know zero history and have zero respect for anything.


Democrats, demonstrating the future. A continuous riot with mindless leftist in control. The country is doomed.

Sun Tzu

'Demonstrators pull down Thomas Jefferson statue in front of Portland High School' C'mon Ted, when is enough going to be enough? You should have put an end to this destruction the day after it started. There is no excuse for you to not do your job.

Just curious

[thumbup][thumbup]I sure hope Teddy "Boy" is reading these comment.

Mr Q

this is getting down right idiotic and needs to be dealt with .. . but then of course they are only following their democrat masters wishes

Just curious

[thumbdown] Not. Democrats, Just idiots that want to ruin our State.


We really need another Kent State in Potland.


Agreed !!!!!

Just curious

It's almost too late. I sure hope they find these idiots and incarcerate all of them.

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