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Woke Eyesaidsir

You cant say "Remember THe Alamo" anymore!! It would be racist say....even in a History Class.... you know? History! It is a class that all US schools USED to be proud of teaching, teaching the truths of those times. Now the schools will only teach 1619.... Instead of "Shop" => How to tear down a statue or Nordstroms . Instead of Art => How to desecrate a Public Bildg, the ones that taxes pay for and Mayors shrug when asked about....kind of sickening to see !


Hey bozos in city hall, if you had even 1/2 a brain, you would see that most of them are wearing gas masks. This would tell you they plan on violence and destruction, and are prepared to be gassed. All these pathetic fools marching like robots that all listen to and make up their own rules. Idiots.

Tyrell Higgs

"the threat of Donald Trump is still there" Just when you thought you heard it all, seriously, these 'people' will do anything for an excuse to destroy the city, even attacking the Democratic HQ? Why? Because they still have to work, get a job and are not getting a free paycheck for nothing? Unbelievable! I'm actually hoping I get a call-up to get out of this place


Put a bounty on these criminals and the carnage will end. But, good luck with that since they are working for the Biden administration.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

I watched the report until whoever and whatever "Austin" is went off about the threats that Trump's movement still persist, he wants medicare for all, he wants a living wage for everyone, he wants the green new deal and defunding the police. As soon as I heard that, I turned it off. These people have lost their minds. There's no other way to explain it. They're not even people. They've become some kind of subset of the human species. Look what they did to the Democratic Headquarters in NE Portland. Talk about eating your own. Your party just won everything, and they're still out there destroying, months after the election? Why are THESE rioters (not protesters) not being designated as "domestic terrorists?" Thank you LLV (liberal loser voters.) Thanks to you, the ones who keep people like Kate Brown in power, Portland keeps eroding into the abyss. Any NORMAL, legitimate Governor would have called the National Guard out months ago, and eradicated these human cockroaches. I find it simultaneously sickening and hilarious, that these rodents who were allowed and enabled to destroy this city for months, because Kate and Ted thought it would help get Trump out of office, are now turning on Ted and Kate, and destroying the Dems headquarters here in Portland, just like when they went to Ted's residence in downtown to harass him. And instead of dealing with this mob, instead he allows them to force him to move? What a child. I can't believe this. They call out 20,000 National Guard troops in DC, because of the threat of "domestic terrorism," and they do nothing with antifa. I blame anyone who continues to vote democrat. You are the terminally ignorant who are responsible for putting these wacks in office.


Well said![thumbup]



Tyrell Higgs



Were the protesters allowed to use twitter and or Facebook to promote this peaceful event? Was there a group or individual that was responsible for promoting this event and will he or she or they be held responsible for this insurrection?


I know you know the answer to your questions. Doesn't matter if they go under the flag of ANTIFA and/or BLM. If you commit the same with under the TRUMP flag and you become a Seditionist.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

C'mon, you already know the answer to that.

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