Monday night demonstrations

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Demonstrators took to the streets again late Monday night, blocking traffic and vandalizing buildings in downtown Portland.

There have been ongoing protests against police brutality and racial injustice in Portland. The majority have been peaceful, with some groups gathering late at night to engage in criminal activity and clash with police.

Police said on Monday night, demonstrators began by blocking traffic on Southwest 3rd Avenue between Main and Madison Streets. They moved to the 2nd Avenue side of the Justice Center around 1 a.m. and began applying graffiti to the building and blocking traffic on Southwest 2nd Avenue between Main and Madison Streets.

Demonstrators later used tools, including a 2x4 board and a hammer, to break windows on the 2nd Avenue and Main Street sides of the Justice Center, with reports of people attempting to enter the bureau’s Central Precinct through the windows that had been broken.

Officers responded and the demonstrators retreated to Southwest 3rd Avenue, police said, with officers attempting to then clean up debris left in the street.

Demonstrators around 2:13 a.m. began to rip plywood off the Justice Center, forcing officers to respond and try to move the crowd away from the building.

The effort was temporarily successful, with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office observing about a half-hour later demonstrators stacking plywood and other flammable material in front of one of an egress door.

“About five minutes later, they did the same thing to the 2nd Avenue side of the Justice Center,” Portland police said. “Around the same time, they broke the windows to an office space housed within the same building, but were unable to make entry.”

Officers were able to respond and clear the area but no arrests were made. Law enforcement confiscated some items and continue to investigate pending cases from the past month's criminal activities in and around the downtown area.

Several windows and glass doors were damaged and broken around the Justice Center building. Additional graffiti was also applied, which is in the process of being removed. The windows and doors are in the process of being re-boarded up.

Anyone with information about criminal activity related to recent demonstrations is asked to email

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(13) comments


Since the police can't, or won't, protect me, I will protect myself. FYI - I do NOT use rubber bullets.


"Officers were able to respond and clear the area but no arrests were made. "


pb sir

Well, thankfully we took down that horrible fence... You know, because it upset the protesters a lot... triggered them, even.

Roberto Estrello Demar

WHY are no arrests made? Defund Wheeler; Defend Police!


These aren’t demonstrations against “police brutality” or any other SJW cause. It is Potland’s total lack of civility. You get what you sow, Ted and Kate.


brown stuff needs to call out the National Guard at full force to stop this stuff cold.

Frederick Fukov

Forget it. They won't do it. They identify too much with the idiots in the streets. They WANT them out there. They think it makes Trump look bad, and it will help carry them to victory in November. This is how stupid they are. All it's doing is making THEM look bad. The only chance the dems had to unseat Trump would be if they remained moderate. The farther radical left they go..the more it unsettles people who otherwise might have voted for Dementia Joe.


Yep. I know. The best possible outcome is for Trump to win again and the democratic mayors, city councils and governors have to deal with the monsters they have created.

P.S: I just signed the latest brown recall petition today.

Frederick Fukov

Thanks Web..I'm a fan of your contributions. I signed the recall last week.


"Demonstrators later used tools, including a 2x4 board and a hammer, to break windows"

Fox 12 Staff, why call them demonstrators. They are simply vandals as this point.


How much longer Wheeler? This is beyond ridiculous! Hardesty? Thanks for defunding!


Wussies in City Hall, Zombies in the streets. Are we sure we're not just in a bad movie?:)

Frederick Fukov

Kurt Russell was scouting for locations for his final "Escape From" movie, but when they asked him; "What about Portland?" He said; "No's just way too apocalyptic looking."

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