ALOHA, OR (KPTV) - Deputies on Friday night responded to a report of a shooting involving a 3-year-old, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

It happened just before 10:00 p.m. in the 7100 block of Southwest Millenium Terrace in Aloha. Family members of 3-year-old James Kenneth Lindquester called 911 to report that he had gotten a handgun out from a bedroom end table and shot himself in the head, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies along with Metro West and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue took over from the family and administered live-saving efforts. James was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead just after midnight.

An autopsy will be conducted on October 10 at the Oregon Medical Examiner’s office, the sheriff’s office said.

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Frederick Fukov of most senseless things that careless..lazy gun owners do, is to keep their gun in an unsecured location, where it's accessible by a toddler. This person left a firearm in a drawer where they child could get to it, and they also left one in the chamber, with presumably the safety off. Mind numbing.


RIP wee one so why was their a firearm left where a child could have access to?? Wait what no charges will be brought against these 2 for neglect of their child which caused his death??WOW


There are gun safes available that open quickly with fingerprint recognition. Unfortunately, they are expensive, but with a child in the house, they are worth it.

Mr Q

1. This is a horrible thing for any family to go through.

2. Why was a 3 year old in mommy and daddy’s bedroom alone?

3. By that age my parents had taught me that guns were NOT to be played with

4. I feel sorry for the family having to deal with this

5. Why did they parents NOT know that their 3 year old was in the house?

PDX is a warzone

I am betting he learned his lesson and won't do that again.



Frederick Fukov

That response truly tells us what kind of a person you are.


This is so sad because it could have been avoided. And now this precious child's life is on the line. If you have a gun, lock it up.


Barely a story here. What is the matter with these parents or guardians?

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