SPRINGDALE, OR (KPTV) – Two beloved Columbia River Gorge-area markets were targeted by one man, in one night.

Multnomah County deputies say the man broke into the Corbett Country Market and stole a few things from there. Apparently, that wasn’t enough, because he also came to a market in Springdale and smashed out the front window.

Deputies tell FOX 12 that man was arrested later that same day but for a different crime, so they released him. Now, they need your help tracking him down once again.

If you’ve had the pleasure of popping inside the Glen Irvin Market, then chances are, you know the man behind the counter.

Frank Haley is the face of this little store that’s stood in Springdale for decades.

“My mom worked here when I was in high school,” Haley said. “It’s just the place where family and friends have always come.”

But after 30 years of selling snacks, coffee, charcoal and just about everything you might need, Haley says he’s never seen so many uninvited visitors rolling into his little market.

“It’s happening more since a lot of drifters coming through,” he said.

Surveillancevideo shows a man getting off his bike right in front of the market at about 3 a.m. Monday.

After poking around, he eventually walks right up to the camera and tilts it toward the ground.

Then, he smashes out the store window. But blocked by the bars inside, he leaves empty-handed.

But the man did leave behind images of his face and his unique hairdo.

“It’s kind of like an attack on our community,” said Judith Svaren, who works at the Glen Irvin Market.

Haley said, “I hope he gets caught and gets consequences for it, but it seems like they just take him in and release him the next day.”

Unfortunately, that’s not far from the truth.

Deputies say later that same day, 23-year-old Joshua Jackson was arrested for criminal mischief on unrelated charges. Then, he was released.

“It’s tough and its really frustrating,” Svaren said.

Svaren’s son Joshua is the new owner of the market.

“It’s one of those things, you better hope I’m not there when that happens because I’m going to protect my property,” he said. “I just know that it’s frustrating when justice never really gets served.”

But deputies say once they saw the surveillance video, they were able to identify Jackson and now, they’re looking for him, yet again.

“Things like this never used to happen,” Haley said. “We’ll keep it going. Even if they knocked all of them out, we’d still keep it going.”

The owner of the Corbett Country Market didn’t want to go on camera to discuss what happened there, but it’s clear these break-ins at the markets are hitting a nerve with many people, who hope this man will be caught.

If you know anything, give deputies a call.

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Lawlessness Brings Destruction

What is the license number of this miscreant's bike? Might make it easier to spot him when he's on it and wearing a helmet which he clearly had in the video. Maybe this guy is an illegal and Sheriff Reese wants to protect him. After all, Reese is on-board with city and county sanctuary policies.

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