Joshua John Thompson

Joshua John Thompson jail booking photo 

HAPPY VALLEY, OR (KPTV) – A man was arrested after he attacked another man who was volunteering at a “Recall Kate Brown” booth in Happy Valley Saturday afternoon, deputies said.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies responded just after 2 p.m. to a reported assault at on Highway 212 near Southeast 152nd Avenue in Happy Valley.

At the scene, deputies found an injured male victim on the ground.  Paramedics from American Medical Response and Clackamas Fire District #1 personnel responded, and the victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries. 

Deputies spoke with a witness who explained she did not know the victim, but they were both on Highway 212 as a part of the effort to recall Gov. Brown. 

The witness told deputies that the suspect approached the victim on foot and was verbally confrontational.

The witness said the suspect then directed his attention to her with the same verbal abuse. 

Deputies said they learned the victim stepped in to tell the suspect to stop. The suspect proceeded to push and punch the victim until he fell to the ground.

Deputies said the suspect then walk away eastbound and the victim did not get up.

The suspect was detained by deputies a short distance away without incident and the witness was able to confirm he was the suspect. 

The suspect, identified as Joshua John Thompson, 39, of Damascus, was arrested for third-degree assault and second-degree disorderly conduct. He was booked into the Clackamas County Jail.

CCSO said Thompson told deputies he confronted group because he believed they should be working to recall Pres. Trump, not Gov. Brown. 

The victim has been identified as Harlan Wright. 

He told FOX 12 that he received the following injuries due to the assault: 

  • A broke rib
  • A broken nose
  • A cut on his chin with 7 stitches now
  • A cut on the back of his head with 7 stitches now

Wright described the assault to FOX 12, saying "he hit me a bunch of times and I’m sure I tried defending myself, but I can’t remember a lot from there on. It was kind of all a blur, like I said next thing I know woke up at OHSU." 

"It's always been about live and let live, it's never been about you have to agree with me you have to be like me never been that way we have these people that are pushing that agenda," Wright said. "It's just wrong, it's flat wrong." 

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(27) comments


Hopefully the Clackamas DA doesn't have the same NO prosecute attitude like they do in the other worthless county we won't mention!


The streets will be flowing with liberal tears when Trump is reelected! I'm sure they'll riot, burn and loot again - if there's anything the blm rioters haven't already destroyed.


conceal carry


Too bad there isn't a magical way for all Republicans to disappear from the planet temporarily. After a short time the liberals will start attacking each other because their arch enemies, the Republicans are gone. First, looting and burning, then murdering each other. After the liberals have exterminated everyone, the Republicans will reappear and everyone will live happily forever. Unfortunately, this is a dream and very few dreams come true.




Have you noticed that the left calls the right names after names and is doing all the violence! I am just saying!


I find it despicable the writer felt the need to put in 'recall Trump' in thumbnail as if the thug had a legitimate reason for beating up a fellow citizen. I've seen one of those recall booths nearby, but seem to be on a mission so I haven't stopped. I'm making it my mission to stop.


Do it soon. The window to gather signatures is closing fast. I signed a while ago and had to drive out from N. Portland to Gresham. The petitioners were from Hood River...


ALL politicians are scum. Not an honest one among them.

Frederick Fukov

Really Charlene..that is what you glean from this report? Nothing about the suspect who shares your ideals, who attacks a woman, and then a helpless man about twice his age..who he knew he could beat up. No, the best you can do is "All politicians are scum?" really add a lot to this threads.


Cool story, bro.


The left love diversity just not a diversity of opinions. Arent they just so accepting?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

ANOTHER unhinged leftist.

Inside of every "progressive" is totalitarian screaming to get out.


Just think if the liberals are running the country you will have NO rights to speak out against them! The right to riot and protest yes for them only if you try it we will smash you!

Just curious

That's how the repub's think now


Another dementia joe supporter...

Eliza Cassan

more violent liberals, you do vhat they say, or else!


Another deranged leftist, proving once again why we want to recall Kate Brown.


Just another member of the inclusive, leftist, liberal, democrat party. He will be released in a day and back in downtown Portland, looting, burning and assaulting others soon.


He was arrested in Clackamas county whose DA, who unlike the Multnomah county DA, I believe upholds the law.


Okay, why isn't this man charged with an act of terrorism? Terrorism is the threat of violence for political gain. Mostly against civilians. Attacking these people just because they wanted to recall Brown. Which we all have legit reason to want Kate Brown recalled. It's disgusting how the left think they're with in their rights to physically attack anyone they choose because they dislike Trump. Yet, some how think they are the logical, rational, and more empathetic ones.


Yep, but governor brown blouse supports them 120%.


More of the "Tolerant" left.


Lock the criminal up and make an example out of him.

But they won't.. probably have 5he charges dropped and sue everyone.


brown blouse is getting worried that she might have to face a recall election.

pb sir

Nice going, Mr. Thompson... at 39, you would think that you'd be old enough to know better. But, apparently not. If you disagree with what these people are doing, there has to be another way to get your point across without hurting people. Perhaps you need some help with your mental health...

Kenny Rogers

It sounds like the tender snowflake known as, "Mrs. Jessica Joan Thompson," lacked the mental fitness to hear an opinion outside of her own.

Oh well, I hope Mrs. Thompson realizes the errors in her ways.

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