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WASHINGTON COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Deputies are warning people to beware a new scam that is targeting people living in Washington County.

The scammers are posing as someone from the Social Security Administration, calling one Washington County woman this week and telling her that her identity had been stolen by someone who was opening bank accounts with her socials security number, according to the sheriff’s office.

The scammer then transferred the woman to another person who claimed to the district attorney and claimed to be associated with police, the sheriff’s office said.

The fake district attorney then demanded that the woman send an international wire transfer to an overseas company in the amount of $20,000 or she would be arrested.

Deputies say the scammers managed to use their real non-emergency dispatch number, 503-629-0111, to make their demands sound credible and asked the woman to send a photo of her drivers license to a phone number with a 202 area code.

“They even convinced her to set up the wire transfer with her bank,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook video post. Luckily, she ended up determining that this was a scam and was able to cancel the wire transfer before losing any money, because once a wire transfer is made, there's no getting the money back.”

Deputies shared the following red flags to watch for if you think you might be targeted by a scam:

  • Calls from people you don't know or recognize.
  • People asking for your bank account information.
  • Strangers asking you to text a photo of your ID.
  • People claiming to be the police or law enforcement.
  • Callers using real phone numbers or names of local law enforcement people to sound legitimate.
  • Threats to wire money or be arrested

"When in doubt, just hang up," the sheriff's office said.

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(3) comments

Just curious

[scared]This sounds like one of my friends, doesn't have caller id.

Native Born

This just happened to us yesterday here in Yamhill county! Good advice just hangup on these lousy scammers! Sometimes you wish you didn`t have a telephone line because of all these nuisance calls. Be aware of people who are just trying to steal your herd earned $$.


That scam doesn't even make any logical sense. If you're stupid enough to fall for it you deserve to be taken for every penny.

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