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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Gun violence continues to plague Portland as Portland Police Bureau responded to three more shootings on Sunday morning. 

One of the shootings that happened in North Portland left one woman dead. Another shooting in Southeast Portland, where neighbors said eight shots were fired after police responded to a crash. A third shooting also in Northwest Portland left a man seriously hurt, but PPB said he is expected to recover.

Sunday is the third day in a row that shots have rung out across Portland. On Friday, a newspaper carrier was shot on Northeast Shaver Street around 4:00 a.m.

“The violence just needs to stop. That’s what it needs to do,” Melissa Geiger is a friend and coworker of the carrier who was shot. PPB has not yet identified the victim.

“He has a family, and he works two jobs; their family didn’t need this,” she said.

Geiger said this hits too close to home.

“We have to watch our backs to make sure that we’re keeping an eye on who’s coming at us, what’s behind us, is someone on the sidewalk," she said. "Because we’ve had numerous times where people have tried to get in our cars while we’re sitting in it."

Geiger said the increase in shootings has her and other coworkers on edge.

“The violence just needs to stop,” she said. “We go to work like everybody else we really do, and we got families we gotta go home to in the mornings.”

On Saturday, Chief Lovell said this is a start to stop the gun violence but says he knows things won't change overnight. If things don't improve in the weeks and months ahead, they will need to reevaluate. 

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(16) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

What a shock. I mean, I'm sure most of us thought as soon as we heard the Mayor's promise to form a "Coalition" to end gun violence in Portland, that the problem would quickly go away. Gosh..what happened?

Tyrell Higgs

Hardesy "They're aint no gangs other than lyft and uber drivers"


Same “anti-gun” approach Chicago uses.


The so called task force will never work and the idiot Mayor knows it. It is just a way of wasting money.


Just a way for the idiot mayor to make the idiots that vote for him happy.


Where are all those unarmed community what ever they are called people that was supposed to put an end to this with hugs and talk?


At the casino with "I Hate the POlice" Maxine Hardesty


"Despite coalition, Portland sees third day straight of gun violence"



Noting like a coalition of committees of coalitions to get the job done expeditiously. :)


Why are you people complaining? Just get rid of the police right? They're all racist anyway right? That will make everything better! [innocent]


This is the new normal and summer will be even worse. And the mayor and city council will continue to have their heads in the sand while innocent are shot or killed.


Using the word "sand" is PC as to where their heads are really at!


All these shootings started right after the idiots running Portland Disbanded the Gun Crime's Unit and Police were restricted. What do you think is going to happen? We all know this simply part of their MARXIST Agenda. Get out of these Blue states as fast as you can! Your life is at serious risk! Your Governor and Mayor do not care about you. They have made very bad choices that are getting people killed.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

defunding the police and not arresting people just because they also happen to be a certain race is not working out so well eh?


As long as they keep seeing it a “gun violence”, they will never get it under control. It’s not a bunch of guns, running amok on Portland streets, shooting random people. The guns are in the hands of people - usually people with felony convictions that prohibit them from even handling a gun - and those people have “associates” (like a “social club”, but more violent) who know who did what and when. Pretending that arrests and convictions need to be “proportional”, and not fall heavier on one race or ethnic group is to be forever unable to grasp what is going on.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever


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