District ready to listen after protesters tear down statue of Thomas Jefferson in front of Portland high school

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland Public Schools is responding after protesters over the weekend pulled down the Thomas Jefferson statue in front of Jefferson High School.

Several protesters on Sunday tore down the statue of the third President of the United States and wrote “slave owner” and “George Floyd” in spray paint at its white marble base.

PPS officials on Monday said they recognize that the act is part of a larger and very important national conversation.

The statue has been removed from school property, but whether or not it comes back will be determined after listening to what the community wants, according to district officials, who said they are ready to listen.

The incident on Sunday wasn’t the only protest that escalated over the weekend.

In another incident, a car drove toward protesters in southeast Portland, with the group later slashing that car’s tires. The protesters said they feel they could have been killed. The driver later apologized to those in the crowd.

“I don’t follow media at all,” the driver said. “I was simply trying to get around them and go down the road they were blocking. I think they took it as an attack, I understand that. To whoever is out there, BLM, you guys are passionate about your case, I apologize for what I did – I hope we can forget about it and move on.”

On Saturday, protesters in Eugene knocked down The Pioneer Man and Pioneer Mother statues at the University of Oregon.

Portland police said because the protests on the east side have been peaceful to this point, there’s no plan to increase staffing there. The bureau said this also has to do with the fact that they are maintaining critical staffing levels to manage crowds in downtown Portland right now.

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(12) comments


Native Oregonian of 61 plus years.

Used to be proud of that.

We the people need to turn this state Trump red once and for all.

Frederick Fukov

Good luck with that. Ain't gonna happen. Look all around you. It's only going to get worse, and NEVER better. Conservatives are leaving Oregon. Look at California, Seattle, SF, LA..and now Nevada. They're all navy blue now. How are you going to turn Oregon..red? I can't get out of here soon enough.

Frederick Fukov

After several hours of debate and negotiations, The Portland School Board has decided to replace the statue of Thomas Jefferson, with a statue of the actors from the TV Show..The Jeffersons. Going forward..Jefferson High School will now be called "The Jeffersons" High School.

Husky Loyalist

Hey District, how about educating the ignorants about the father of our Constitution, the times they lived in, and their strategy for ending slavery. Maybe you ought to quote Thomas Jefferson on this subject. Maybe you ought to educate yourselves first rather than leading based on bias "opinion" try actual historical facts.

Frederick Fukov

No kidding. Nothing like groups of fools holding those who lived in the world of over 200 years ago..to today's standards. Sure, because that's totally rational. What a bunch of clueless morons.

Sun Tzu

'District ready to listen after protesters tear down Thomas Jefferson statue in front of Portland high school' Great. The district is going to bow to what are essentially terrorists. Pathetic.


Dare these idiots to destroy all of the US currency they have that has names of our founding fathers who owned slaves.

Nevermind, they're all broke except for their free public assistance checks (with no founding father's names on them) that the taxpayers gave them - and who also paid for those statues and their destruction.

Come-on. 'Nough's enough. Go home. Be normal and eat your Tidepods. Get jobs. Pay taxes. Buy statues for your kids to tear down, so you can just keep on paying, and paying. LIKE US, FOOLS.


This is not protest this is thugs! Almost bet were paid to do it!


The losers who knocked the statue over should be tried for treason and if found guilty, suffer the consequences.


Listen to vandals and their demands/????

What the heck is wrong with you people?????


Capitulation at its finest.


Democrats are making a rotten society out of the USA.

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