PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - It was a busy day at Ankeny Hardware Tuesday, as many across the Metro Area prepare for triple-digit temperatures this weekend.

"One of the top five busiest days we've ever had," Norman Chusid, the owner, said.

Chusid said they sold about 200 air conditioners Tuesday, making a month's worth of sales in one day.

If you can't get an AC in time for the heat wave, or you just want a cheaper option - Chusid said there are some DIY projects you can put together at home to beat the heat this week.

"Foam ice chest, then cut a hole in the top and you fill the ice chest with nothing but ice or dry ice. Then you put a little portable fan in it, then you put a little pipe to push the air out," Chusid said.

He said one other trick is to use the fan in your furnace - without the heat.

"You go and get a dishpan, and you get a big block of ice like from one of the grocery stores, you put it in there. That way when the fan is going on in your furnace, it blows air over that and gives you cold air going through your heating system," Chusid said.

There are some simpler tips too. PGE suggests keeping your blinds shut during the day or only opening your windows in the morning and night.

Chusid said the best thing you can do ahead of this heat is change your furnace filter.

"A lot of people haven't changed them since last year's forest fires and they're just black. They're filthy. If you change your air conditioner filter it'll work more efficiently," he said.

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