Documentary chronicles 'death with dignity' of Oregon couple

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A Kirkland, Washington woman has a documentary out that tackles the topic of death with dignity through her parents' love story. The two died within hours of each other, in a decision that they made together.

The Oregon Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill people to choose how and when they die.

Sher Safran and her husband captured the final moments of her parents 66-year marriage in a documentary called "Living and Dying: A Love Story."

Safran's parents, Francie and Charlie, each struggled with incurable illnesses and chose Oregon's Death with Dignity Act as a way to stay together until the very end.

"Life is not to be worshiped, the quality of life is what counts. As far as we're concerned, everybody else is welcomed to their decisions, but we are so glad somebody isn't telling us that we can't do what we feel is the right thing," Francie Emerick said in the documentary.

Francie and Charlie died in April of last year after a doctor determined that they were both eligible for a deadly dose of medication under the Death with Dignity Act.

They were two of 143 people to do so in 2017.

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