PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – There were strong words from Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on Wednesday as he addressed protests that are planned at the waterfront 10 days from now.

“Hear me when I say this: To those people planning to come and inflict violence in our city, we don’t want you here,” Wheeler said in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

The mayor says he’s heard several large groups are planning on using the city of Portland as an “arena” to “air grievances and spread hateful messages.”

He says he’s not going to stand for it, and here’s why:

“With escalating rhetoric creating tensions throughout our country, and extremists committing horrific acts against our brothers and sisters, the stakes couldn’t be higher,” Wheeler said.

The mayor says he has empowered Portland Police to use whatever means necessary to ensure public safety during the demonstrations and uphold the law.

“Don’t bring your hate or violence to Portland. This is our city, this is our home, enough,” Wheeler said.

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(8) comments


Soy Boy has Spoken...


well that should fix it.... what a clown


Okay so someone help me out I have posted a totally vanilla comment 5 times now, just not agreeing the Mayor is doing all he can do and saying how I dont think ANTIFA is a peaceful protest group and it keeps getting erased WHY??


How come this Mayor allows ANTIFA to operate in this city for the last two years with violence? What kind of peaceful protesters carry batons, pepper Spray chemical weapons and beat people up and break things. I watched the video 5 times and its clear the Mayor makes it seem like the trouble is from outside city, but I have watched every protest and seen all trouble came from ANTIFA, so why does he not call them out?


Interesting how he says nothing about the local trouble makers of ANTIFA, they just put a man in the hospital beat him to a pulp on national TV and gues what the police case has gone no where. How come the mayor allows ANTIFA to operate in his city and cause so much disruption ? The are extremely violent and cause lots of property damage and are heavily funded by democrats and rich hollywood elites. I have watched every protest over past two years and the Mayors city lets ANTIFA run wild, these are not peaceful groups ANTIFA is a domestic Terror group hands down, look and see how many people have ended up in intensive care from them, come on Mayor Wheeler why would you let a group march around your city lighting fire, breaking windows, and carrying chemicals and pepper spray which they randomly spray on people? Know these things Mayor Wheeler it was not suprising you elected to leave them out of your speach and make it seem like the problem was someone comiing from out of town. Blood will be on your hands because of youe negligence to do your job, your a weak man.


Our dear, dear Mayor must be feeling some heat from above, all moves scrutinized. Like being targeted by a Cruz missile.


There is a planned potluck by Patriots in Coos Bay this Saturday . . . Antifa has already announced they will counter protest. Let's see how Coos County and Coos Bay handle it.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Indeed! It may be a stark contrast to that of Wheeler's. ANTIFA is not any more about "talking" than Pol Pot is about liberty. And they have taken NO heat from our leftist Governor. I noticed the comment that followed your has been removed. Some Reed College SJW intern suppressing the 1sr Amendment...again I hope Sen. Ted Cruz keeps on highlighting the inept handling of ANTIFA 3 ways: hard, fast, and continuously.

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