PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Two Portland Community College instructors have put together a number of videos on how to do online learning well. They said part of that means students doing their own work on assignments and tests.

The videos are by Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh. They're creating a series of videos for fourth graders up to college-aged students, including what they call academic integrity.

They said academic integrity means not cheating on assignments and exams.

Bernards and Fresh said students are more tempted to cheat when learning at home, but it's important to not use any outside resources, like apps, websites or people to get answers, unless a teacher says otherwise.

“We realized not all students understand exactly what it means to cheat and it feels like such an obvious thing but, we’re in a world of technology where googling it is just the norm," said PCC Instructor, Wendy Fresh. "So, if you’re taking an online quiz or an online exam, it must still be okay."

"We realize that we have to say it’s not okay," Fresh continued. "We have to say what our expectations are specifically for the students to know that, so our video covers all that information.”

Bernards and Fresh said academic integrity is so important, because a student isn't truly learning if they're relying on other resources. They said it will end up hurting them, especially when kids come back to take tests in-person.

Finally, they said instructors want to see students succeed. They said if a student is struggling, reach out to a teacher for resources they think can help.

The instructors said they'll make more videos as topics pop up this school year.

To see the videos, click here.


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(2) comments


Integrity in Potland? LOL!!!


My bet is that almost all will cheat to some degree or another. But, that's not much different than if they actually attend school. It seems that in order to pass now, all the students have to do is show up for class once in a while.

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