Downtown Portland businesses board up ahead of the election

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -Downtown Portland businesses are preparing for potential violence and vandalism this week with the election.

And that means a lot of boarded windows.

"It's the first time we've ever done anything like that," LeAnn Dolan, owner of Ecru Modern Stationer, said.

She's owned it for 14 years, the location downtown has been there for six, and even through the 2016 presidential election so far this year, not a scratch.

"We've been worried about it because our front windows just look rife for crashing, but we've been very lucky," she said.

Dolan said never before has she boarded the store, but just ahead of election week, she felt like she should.

"With all the days of protesting, add in a very tense election, I just want to be safe," she said.

At The Fossil Cartel, owner Susan Landa said she first covered her windows with the stay-home order, then put the boards back up after the riot at the end of May. She said add crime to the mix, and they're staying put.

"There's been a lot of break-ins, so outside of whatever's gonna happen, I'm keeping it up until the pandemic is over basically," she said.

Now with the election, she said a police officer stopped by their place and told her to bring in their A-board sign so it can't be used to break windows.

"Also, he asked us to make a sign that says this is a small locally owned business, please don't hurt us basically, he said they've been effective in other places, so he said I should do it too," Landa said.

And on behalf of all businesses, President of the Portland Business Alliance Andrew Hoan said they have one message.

"No matter what happens on election night, never forget that this is our house, to take care of your neighbors, to respect property, to respect the businesses, and look out for one another," he said.

Portland Police and PBOT have also offered advice to business owners, like being aware of what's happening and putting away anything that can be thrown or used as fuel or a barricade, like dumpsters and furniture.

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(4) comments


Makes no difference who wins today the terrorists will react as they have for the last how many 100+ day's. It will continue until you get elected officials get a backbone and start arresting and detaining them.

Tyrell Higgs

We won't know the results tonight or maybe days or weeks. Your ballot can arrive to the polls 10 days late in some states. Expect nightly riots until then, and then all heck will break loose on decision night

Alexander Marinesko

More riots, more destruction, the same as it's been for the last 5 months

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

That would be 150+ days. Do you not count all of your strokes on the course either?

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