PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Department of Justice announced Monday morning that three cities, including Portland, have been identified as jurisdictions that permit violence and destruction of property.

Earlier this month, President Trump said that his administration will not allow federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to "deteriorate into lawless zones".

Downtown Portland has indeed seen vandalism since the protests began more than 100 days ago.

The Portland Police Bureau says three businesses in downtown Portland, including a coffee shop, a bank, and a restaurant, had windows smashed Saturday night during a march.

But since Portland protests began in May, the groups have been getting smaller and less destructive.

Crown by Imperial General Manager Bethany Thompson said that many downtown businesses are struggling right now - first from the pandemic, then from violence that sometimes spurs from the tailend of protests and the negative national attention cities like Portland have received.

Many people involved in the Black Lives Matter movement have not condoned that violence, saying it detracts from the message.

"I don't want to do anything that unnecessarily alienates people or that doesn't communicate the message that I'd like to communicate," Xavier, who participated in a demonstration Monday night, said.

Thompson says one of the biggest issues for businesses trying to keep their doors open is the perception that eating and staying in downtown Portland isn't safe.

"Just come back, give it a try," Thompson said.

Hotels in the area are especially struggling. The Benson Hotel Managing Director George Schweitzer said occupancy is down to 15 percent. He said this time last year they were at 90 percent.

"The occupancy around the country is almost at 50 percent now for hotels, I'd give anything to be at 50 percent and so would my colleagues here in downtown Portland," Schweitzer said. "Many of the people who would normally stay downtown are staying out at the airport."

Schweitzer believes the words of national leaders have painted the city of Portland in a much more dramatically negative light than it deserves.

"What's happened is because of the national attention we're getting, people are just frightened," Schweitzer said.

Thompson agrees.

"It's a shame," Schweitzer said. "This city is filled with amazing human beings, this city is very creative and it's a wonderful place to live."

Managers like Thompson and Schweitzer say the onus is on the Portland community to reinvigorate the downtown scene by coming back to it.

And for anybody outside of the city who says it is unsafe or on fire, Schweitzer had this to say:

"Stop, and come visit, let us show you," Schweitzer said. "Help us in some other way, but that's not going to help."

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(24) comments


What matters? Only BLM? How about the businessess and the residents? The mayor and the governor owe them a full explanation, along with their action plans to stop long dragging criminal activities. Don' act like an ostrich. There's no sand in Portland.


Schweitzer said. "This city is filled with amazing human beings, this city is very creative and it's a wonderful place to live."

No it's not. It's full of angry white misfit socialists, fascist democrats and small minority of violent blacks, killing each other every night. The schools are the worst in the Pacific Northwest and downtown is crime ridden cesspool of bums..

Alan W

Amen, webjak...it's amazing what some will say in spite of the media videos and reports we have seen for over 100 days just to make a buck. "Yes, please show up, I need the money and if you get jacked up I hope it's after you spent money at my place." The denial of what has happened in PDX is insanity at best. They shojuld be demending that national officials and lawmakers come here to see what Ted Wheeler has allowed to happen. Isn't incredible that Wheeler and Brown are so concerned about rioters rights while giving the finger to honest business people, workers and citizens? At least we know what constituency those two clowns who run the city and state represent.

Roberto Estrello Demar

By "tolerating" violence against both people and their earnings, their stores/businesses and investments, the fruits of their labors, Portland encourages this behavior to spread, through the media, to other cities.


I care about my friends and family too much to let them visit me here in Portland. Also, eating out and getting harassed by Marxists is not something I'm interested in or paying for. I'll cook and eat at home.Those who voted for the "woke" officials who run this city and state deserve what you get...BROKE!!!


Hey...all the years of extraordinary egotistical "pdx is #1" is coming home to roost. Portland lost its loveable humility and what made it great...a long time ago. Will not visit downtown Portland & will continue to laugh at the absurdity of such a swift reversal from bohemian, don't take yourself too seriously attitude to the epicenter for idiots.

Delta Bravo

I can go to a mall with significantly less danger.

I don't have to pay to park.

I don't have to dodge tents and other "things".

I don't have to worry about privileged bicycles shooting out of everywhere.

Malls aren't boarded up.

Malls have security. Outside of Portland they have police/sheriff that respond.

Apply this to every other reason you may have had at one time to go downtown.




The best thing for Oregon would be if the terrorists destroy Portland.


They are... Thanks to Ted Wheeler and his boss Jo Ann Hargastys


Unfortunatly these businesses are so desperate that they will lie to try and get some type of business. I live right outside of Portland and will not go there to do any business. If I hear of anyone visiting I tell them to stay in a hotel outside of Portland and if they want to visit only go there during the day. It is in fact much to dangerous to do any type of visiting in the evening and no way I would risk taking my children there, even during the day. Just not worth it. These business owners shouldn't be so focused on the Federal government as much as they should be focusing on their local government not protecting their own citizens.


Well said.. No one here wants to blame our elected officials it's" Feds this Feds that".I grew up in D. C and Upper east side of Manhattan (REAL CITIES) and I'm sickened by how soft this city's officials are.. Tents, trash, people craping in every nook possible, small businesses and large leaving, domestic terrorists destroying everything the can at night and no one is doing anything about it but blame the Feds.....? And whin about "Freedom of speech"

Please stop electing these liberals for a few years and watch Portland thrive for once...

Frederick Fukov

Trump and Barr are right. Portland has devolved into a heII hole, and this is all Kate's and Ted's fault. The ONG should have been called up at the first sign of violence and destruction. But for political reasons, Kate and Ted refused to do the most basic tenets of their job..that being to protect the public from violence. That they've let it go on now for almost 4 months, is beyond absurd. Kate Brown has no business being the governor, and anytime you talk with someone..a voter here who starts going off on a liberal tangent, please remind them that THEY are the real problem, and chances are..they moved here.


I lived in NYC for years never could stand Trump but HE IS CORRECT, This city's leaders are so removed from reality, the Mayor and his BOSS Jo Ann Hargasty protect domestic terrorism over all business small & large (Ie standard insurance) they think they are protecting free speach. Come on really smashing windows, destroying people's properties.. And then they blame the Feds for protecting ONE BUILDING. The only thing the Feds were doing was stopping Ted Wheelers freedom of DOMESTIC TERRORISM... De Fend not De Fund...!


Until Portland stops electing Liberal Nuts likr Ted and the last Mayor who was having sex with teenage boys.. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE HERE...! NEVER

Frederick Fukov

Matt, it's never going to change back here. If anything, it's only going to get worse. Do you see who Ted is running against? She's likely going to beat him, and she makes Jenny Durken in Seattle look like Dick Cheney.


How can we impeach Ted and Jo Ann A.S.A.P


Yeah, yeah it's all Trump's fault...you people sound like a broken record taking no responsibility for running your city into the ground and ruining it's reputation. Sorry, Portland, but you brought this on yourselves. It's been decades in the making under poor democratic leadership and the fallout from this mess will persist until the people of Portland start voting in responsible leaders.


Thank you, Ted Wheeler needs to stop the blame game. What is wrong with him... Stop electing Democrats!!


Sorry, won't be coming back, downtown has become a cesspool.


Most of the residents of Portland don't want to be anywhere near the protesters, vandals and rioters . It is not worth the risk. The broken windows and Graffiti, that is everywhere, tells another story, along with the lack of police response because of the protests.


First thing is stop calling them PROTESTERS, they are Domestic Terrorists..


I put protesters, rioters and vandals together as one group.


And what kind of District Attorney would go against the grain and announce that he is not going to prosecute these people, is he so young and inexperienced that he do not know that he is supposed to be in the side of law enforcement, the good tax payers.. Ect.. I could not believe he did that... Yep another elected liberal Democrat at work for us...

Perhaps he should go work for the ACLU..

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