Downtown Portland small businesses clean up, assess damage from overnight riot

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Saturday morning a small army of people filled downtown Portland with brooms in hand and ply board at the ready to clean up from an overnight riot.

Protesters in Portland joined crowds across the nation on Friday night in marches in response to George Floyd’s death. Portland’s march boiled over into vandalism, looting and fires. According to Portland Police more than a dozen people were jailed.

Friday night and into early Saturday morning rioters hit major retailers and small business in downtown Portland. A jeweler at Southwest Alder says he spent the early morning hours trying to protect his business.

Security cameras inside Medallion Jewelers show a group of people outside then an electric scooter is smashed through the front door window. Within a few minutes people were pouring into store.

“That was one tough night,” Medallion Jeweler’s Owner Alex Talakoub said.

Once inside the shop looters tipped over a display case, one person is seen kicking the case. Several people are seen grabbing stuff from inside the case and around the store.

Talakoub says he was alerted overnight by his security cameras going off. He told FOX 12 he and his wife came down to the shop to try and protect it the best they could.

“Riot police was going by and that would give us some hope and relief but then immediately as soon as they leave a herd of these people come back again,” Talakoub said.

For many small business owners, the last few months have been tough. Many have been dealing with closures and a lack of business because of COVID-19 restrictions.

“It has been tough, it has been zero business, it has been shut down and now this I mean it wasn’t necessary, I don’t know,” Talakoub said.

Portland Police were on scene investigating the looting and looking at the surveillance video from Medallion Jewelers. Anyone with information about who broke in and stole jewelry is asked to contact police.

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The owners are probably still busy totally their losses from the illegal lockdowns and house arrest orders.

PS - Just seen an article today where the PM of Denmark said she over reacted to the virus and wishes she had been more like Sweden. Sweden by the way posted a .1% increase in their economy in the first quarter. Boy those Swedes are sure smart!


Portland is in the advance stages of decay. The city has nothing to offer anymore.

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