PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - When Damian Lillard walked into the Oracle Arena before game one of the Western Conference Final Tuesday, wearing a custom Oakland Athletics jersey, all eyes were on him.

The outfit made a big statement and, metaphorically speaking, set Twitter on fire.

According to his stylists, Erinnicole Goodwin, who grew up with Lillard, and Desiree Atalia, it was a nod to his hometown.

Goodwin said it was a way to celebrate the Blazer fan-favorite playing in the same arena, in which he grew up attending games.

But, it certainly was not the first time Lillard’s wardrobe choice has gotten people talking.

His stylists told FOX 12, when it comes to making fashion statements, the point guard likes to be heard loud and clear.

The duo has been filling his closet with luxury designs by Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Alexander McQueen, among others, for a couple of years.

One that stands out to Atalia, “the no-shirt under a suit, which has turned to his signature.”

“That’s a dame thing,” she said.

According to Goodwin, “we knew he could pull it off and it would fit great with his personality.”

Though the duo admits, it takes a certain amount of swagger to pull off the look. In fact, the two say when they first showed Lillard the custom suit, he shot it down.

That was in Dec. 2017. Since then, the professional baller has set himself apart on the court and as a style icon, taking increasing risks.

And, although Goodwin said Lillard’s attitude is laid back, his custom-made clothes are anything but, as he continues to push the envelope and set new trends.

“He is so humble. He is so grounded,” Goodwin said. “He’s still the same kid from Oakland.”

When asked if Goodwin and Atelia plan to collaborate with Lillard on his own clothing line, Goodwin told FOX 12, it is a possibility.

“You’ll have to stay tuned,” Goodwin said.

For more on Lillard’s pre and postgame outfits, follow Atalia and Goodwin on Instagram.

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