Driver says woman used racial slur, punched him, scratched his car with knife in Wilsonville road rage incident

WILSONVILLE, OR (KPTV) -- Clackamas County deputies and the Wilsonville police department are asking for the public's help in identifying a woman involved in a road rage incident who is accused of punching a driver in the face and damaging his car.

Bradley Smith told FOX 12 he was driving along Southwest Wilsonville Road in Wilsonville Monday afternoon when he got caught up in the traffic backup from an accident along southbound I-5.

A semi had jackknifed on the interstate a couple miles south of Wilsonville.

Smith said traffic was at a standstill, and he was trying to edge over to the right-hand side of Southwest Wilsonville to attempt to merge onto I-5 south. He said he saw an opening in front of a woman's car with California plates, put his blinker on and merged into the lane.

That's when the driver got angry, Smith said, saying she flipped him off.

"She's outraged, she gets out of the car, comes to my driver's side window, says how dare you cut me off, called me the N-word, and hit me in my face," Smith said in a phone interview.

But Smith claims the aggression continued, saying the woman also spit in his face, then started kicking his pickup. After both he and his passenger got out of the vehicle, Smith said the woman also swung at his passenger with a knife.

"She called me the N-word again, took the knife, stabbed my truck, and scratched it on the side and asked how do I like that," Smith said.

Smith sent FOX 12 pictures of some of the damage to his truck, including a couple dings and a long scratch on the back passenger side.

Other drivers caught in the standstill took photos of the woman. Wilsonville police shared out one photo of suspect, asking anyone with any information about her identity to come forward. 

People with tips are urged to call 503-682-1012 and reference CCSO Case # 21-000234.

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(9) comments

This is not spam

So what? Everything to a snowflake is a racial slur. Grow up and ignore 'bad' language. The social justice warriors and their war on words are

pathetic. To them, EVERYTHING is a racial issue.


This is what is wrong with us nowadays bickering back and forth who gives a flying goose tail if Bradley wanted to get ahead of the line are we so entitled nowadays we can't let a car in? So much anger within ourselves now that disgrace of a woman will be charged with a list of charges for what? be better people it starts with each one of u and i


She's just mad because she can't get a man.

Moved on

yea that dose get on my nerves also.


Looks like Bradley got what he deserved. Not sure how many times, I've seen people like him who deliberately wait till the last minute to get into the correct lane. They do this just to pass people up and then cut in line ahead of them. Guess he must feel some sort of entitlement to abuse others in such a manner.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

And you know all of this to be a fact in this case, and to judge this man because..why? Oh, so a black man deserved to have some phat ugly pasty swayhoo jump out of her car, punch him in the face, drop n-bombs, threaten he and his passenger with a knife, and then vandalize his car? He really deserved all of that, because you presume that he drove way up ahead on the merging lane, and jammed in at the last second? Even IF he is guilty of that, he deserves what he got? No he doesn't. So you think it's ok to get out of your car and confront other drivers, when they've done no damage to your vehicle, or you..other than to hurt your pride? Dude, go get some counseling.


Your response made my day. :):):)


How typical of you to play the race card!

Time to get your facts straight, there is no merge lane on Wilsonville Road. There's like 4 separate lanes, one feeds directly onto the on ramp to I-5 south two continue on straight through the underpass and 1 or 2 lanes feed into the upcoming turn lanes onto I-5 north. As Bradley states in the article, he wanted to get onto I-5 south, but was deliberately in the wrong lane just so he could swoop past all the other law abiding citizens and cut in line. FYI, there's often motorcycle cops stationed right at that intersection ticketing people for doing what he did. Also, FYI, it's not very nice to call a lady a dude!

Just curious


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