Early season conditions and snow greet hikers headed to enjoy spring-like temps

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MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - With nice weather in the forecast, many people may be thinking of  getting out of the house and enjoying the weather.

If your plans take you to any local hiking trails, trail warriors want you to be aware that early season conditions exist.

One of the biggest things they say to do is to try and check the trail condition before you head out, and be prepared for any changing conditions.

“We got to the top of Angels Rest it was a pretty good hike, there is lots of mud, a lot of mud,” hiker Robin Keesler said.

Keesler and a friend were out hiking Friday and thought about going further on the trail to Devil’s Rest, but decided not to because of snow and ice.

“For the most part, it was fine,” Keesler said,” But there were a couple spots where it was slick. We watched one girl go down.”

David Janney, who teaches backpacking classes, was also at Angels Rest Thursday.

“I hiked out here yesterday and today,” Janney said. “Just taking advantage of the weather.”

Janney says he’s noticed a difference in trail conditions even day to day.

“Boy, even one day has been a big difference,” Janney said. “The muddy sections are still muddy, but with the traffic and the drier weather, it is considerably better today.”

He says higher up, in the mid to higher elevations, expect to see some snow and ice.

“There is snow, particularly above Angels Rest, which is the popular destination,” Janney said. “If you head up towards Devil’s in the trees, because it is shaded, there is quite a bit more snow.”

Janney adds that this time of year, you especially need to be prepared for things like changing weather and trail conditions.

“It is just a great idea to always go out with a pack,” Janney said, “a daypack with some extra clothes, just for the unexpected. More often, folks don’t have anything with them at all.”

He suggests taking some snacks and a little extra water as well, and to always let people know where you are headed and when you will return.

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