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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland Fire & Rescue has issued an immediate ban on the use of all fireworks ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The ban is due to unusually hot temperatures and dry conditions. Portland experienced record-breaking temperatures over the past three days, with temperatures on Monday reaching 116 degrees.

"This difficult decision has been made recognizing that it will have a serious impact to those businesses dependent on the sale of fireworks and many of us who had plans to include fireworks with our July 4th 2021 celebration," PF&R said Tuesday in a statement.

PF&R says Chief Sara Boone, along with her command staff and Commissioner-in-charge, Jo Ann Hardesty, carefully examined the impact recent weather conditions have had on the city and concluded that a ban on fireworks is the right thing to do for the protection of all residents.

"If we don’t take this proactive step now, I fear the consequences could be devastating," said Chief Boone. "It is not easy to make a decision like this so close to our national holiday but as Fire Chief I feel I have a higher responsibility to sometimes make unpopular decisions during unprecedented times to protect life, property and the environment."

PF&R is asking to the public to not call 911 to report fireworks use. They say it's very important that the 911 system be kept for reporting only active fires and serious medical problems. PF&R also said that fire investigators will not be patrolling for fireworks use but will be investigating all fires that have a connection to fireworks. If someone's firework is found as a cause, they will be held responsible, according to PF&R.

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(28) comments

Eggplant Jiggles

Why ban?

Cant you just add a rule to have "buckets of water or garden hose ready" and then you can send in to check up on groups with fireworks.

Ones who dont have water nearby, then no fireworks but not and actual ban.


Dagburn farwerks go blooey and thas is what I'm doin, burn it baby yeehaw! Murica!


Portland is a joke. You can shoot up drugs on a street conner, shoplift up to $1000 in merchandise with no penalties. All city streets and park are legal to camp in.We all know all the criminals that live in Portland will.fallow the law..

PDX is a warzone

Good luck finding a cop or social worker who has ANY interest in enforcing this 'ban'.


ohhh, is that how being a cop works? just enforce the rules you agree with? seems like a slippery slope to me.


That's what the DA does..hypocrite


We will be celebrating Independence Day. Your bans won't stop us.


Alright tough guy, just don't start blaming antifa or blm when your fireworks start a wildfire.


Go away troll


Says the guy named defun the media lol


Don't make assumptions about how people handle their fireworks. I do, and always have, handled fireworks in a safe and controlled manner.


Keyboard ninja. Antifa and BLM are terrorist organizations.


Camping, loitering and littering is also not allowed but never enforced. This will be no different.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Yeah..and like..ya jaywalking either.


All the more reason to light them off.


You probably call yourself a 'patriot', huh? How many american flag shirts do you own?


Don't like America? Then MOVE OUT.


I love america, hence me not wanting to see it burned down. don't like the truth, move out of the comments section.


Then don't vote for idiots that let more idiots burn down the city "protesting"..

Eliza Cassan

a ban in place but there will be no enforcement. I'm sure that will be a deterrent

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

It will come into play if some moron starts a fire with fireworks, and gets caught. Judges tend to slap a little harder when people ignore the law, and it leads to calamity.

As with other rules, regulations and ordinances on Portland, as they are never enforced, why is this ban going to make any difference?


'Portland Fire & Rescue issues ban on all fireworks' That's like telling BLM and Antifa to quit rioting every night downtown. Won't happen.


Every night? What downtown are you talking about?


You're an idiot


Am I? This guy just said there has been a riot in downtown portland every night. Was there one last night? the night before that? before that? Also, you, username DefundTheMedia, replying on a "media"s website calling me an idiot is rich. you know your mere presence here is funding the media, right? lol.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Every night from the night George Floyd died, through the election in November, and then it continued. Since then, it's been happening with less frequency, but that's ok, go ahead and defend the anarchists.


Don't waste effort trying to find logic in the garbage these idiots spew; there is none. Just berate them for being stupid and move on.

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