PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - As the November election approaches, Disability Rights Oregon wants to ensure that those living with disabilities can still exercise their right to vote.

Last month, the nonprofit  worked with partners to ensure county election workers can now visit nursing homes and long-term care facilities to help those living with disabilities cast their ballot.

Disability Rights Oregon says when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the state limited the number of people who could go into nursing homes and long-term care facilities. It's deputy legal director says election workers were not deemed essential at the point because the election was months away.

Disability Rights Oregon worked with aging and people with disabilities to get that changed. Aging and people with disabilities is a unit within the state department of human services, which regulates nursing homes and long-term care facilities.


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"When I talk to people with disabilities about voting, what the experience is like, sometimes they don't know about all the different options that are out there," Tom Stenson, deputy legal director with Disability Rights Oregon, said. "And I don't want anybody to feel like they can't vote because they don't know about those options."

Disability Rights Oregon wants to make clear that people with disabilities have the same right to cast their vote as everyone else. The organization says people with disabilities vote at lower rates than others in the community.

For more information on how to vote with disabilities this November, Disability Rights Oregon says to check with your local county clerk. You can also check out the Disability Rights Oregon website here.

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This is simply vote rigging. If people with disabilities really understand what voting means and are intelligent enough to understand what their vote is for then they are intelligent enough to find a way to vote and get their vote in with no hardship to themselves. By having a liberal group of people going in and coaching older and disabled voters on how to vote is just plain wrong. How would the liberals like it if the conservatives where the ones that were allowed to go in and help these people vote ??? Please don't try to insult me by saying this group is bipartisan !!

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