PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - A homeless camp near Cleveland High School could be cleared this week. Green eviction notices nailed on trees at the camp went up a few days ago.

The camp is between the school and its playing fields. Kids of all ages use the field and others walk by it.

Some report health and safety problems with those who live here. Others say they haven’t had any issues.

Some say they get along fine with their houseless neighbors.

Cindy Shirk lives directly across the street from the camp on Southeast Waverleigh Boulevard and Southeast 28th Place. She said she and her husband have reached out to their houseless neighbors.

“The homeless people can be good neighbors,” Shirk said. “When they did the other sweeps at other camps - big camps - some people came here who aren’t quite as respectful and careful about trying to being good neighbors.

Gabriel Dye lives several houses from the camp near Cleveland High School. He is angry about the criminal activity he sees from his front porch.

“The rate of crime in the area has been exponentially rising,” Dye said. “They’ve been actively selling and using (drugs) in the streets all the time.”

Dye said the camp runs a chop shop of stolen vehicles.

“They are constantly pulling in one or two new cars at least a weekend and motorcycles going out of control lately,” he said.

Neighbors also report seeing graphic sex acts in the street.

FOX 12 asked both Dye and Shirk if they were glad the city is planning to sweep the camp likely sometime this week.

While Dye wants the camp to go, he knows that’s not going to solve the city’s homeless crisis or its housing crisis. He said he’s sympathetic to their drug, alcohol and mental problems:

“A lot of these people don’t have the access of capacity to get stabilized,” he said.

“I think the city needs to have places for them to go,” Shirk said. “They’re going to shuffle them off and where are they going to go? And you know winter’s coming.”

Dye said he wish he had more answers for the problem.

“As a citizen of Portland, I don’t know what to do,” he said. “I don’t know what avenues I can take to get these people the treatment and care they need.”

The city announced it would set up a series of sanctioned homeless camps called safe rest villages. It planned on doing it this year. But now the city says it will announce three of those villages next week and they won’t be up and running until later this year.

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(5) comments

Goose Goose

I can see neighbors concerns. It is mostly because they like a lot of Portlanders are quite aware of how inept OMF's HUCIRP is. They'll simply be displaced from the areas near the high school into the sidewalks, vacant lots, and city property near their homes.

Never once has there been transient camps, at least none lasting more than a day or two on Eastmoreland lawn. Make the huge lawn strip in that neighborhood a designated camp area. Keep bums out of other neighborhoods.

Liberal Wasteland

These terminal do-gooders, god bless 'em, but all of their handwringing about "not knowing what to do to get these people the help they need" is pretty fruitless. I mean, most of 'em are indignant about not wanting help. They're too far gone to be helped. It's called natural selection and they've made their choices. Instead of trying to help the homeless, which effectively enables and fosters more of it in Portland, which means more crime, try spending time shaking the tree of our education system, and forcing the OTA to get back to teaching the basics so kids are more prepared to handle the stresses of life. What our system is doing now is filling our kids' heads with so much superfluous [censored] it's not even funny. It's just plain sad. So instead of pumping out more successful young people, they're creating more antifa soldiers, more homeless youth, and more teen suicides.


Cindy Shirk should let them live in her house.


Find cheap land east of the Cascades and tell the vagrants that is where they can go.


Leave the good people who live east of the Cascades alone and keep the deadbeats in Portland, where they belong. Since Portland is already a cesspool, the losers can't do any harm and the liberals who live in Portland like losers so they should make them welcome.

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