Faith leaders collect nearly 2K signatures in push for new gun legislation in Oregon

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A push to reduce gun violence in Oregon is gaining momentum as a coalition of faith-based leaders get ready to bring thousands of signatures to the secretary of state's office.

"Lift Every Voice Oregon" is an interfaith movement promoting public health and safety through education and legislation. In April, the group filed two initiative petitions - Initiative Petition 17 and 18 - with the secretary of state for the 2022 general election.

IP 17 would ban the sale of large capacity magazines and require a permit to purchase any gun, along with a completed background check and training before a gun is purchased. The other initiative - IP 18 - would ban the sale of assault-style weapons in Oregon. Those already legally owned before the act takes effect would need to be registered.

These are weapons that leaders of the initiatives say aren't needed on the streets.

"There are not weapons to protect oneself, these are not weapons for hunting, these are weapons designed and used to kill as many human beings as possible in as short as time as possible," said Michael Cahana, Senior Rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel.

The group collected nearly 2,000 signatures from across the state. The signatures are just the start of the process. The chief petitioners will deliver them to the secretary of state's office on Wednesday, then each signature will have to be verified. After that, they'll go to the attorney general's office where they'll draft a ballot title.

There's a chance it could go to the Oregon Supreme Court for review to make sure it's fair and impartial, then Lift Every Voice Oregon will work to collect more than 100,000 signatures. They hope to start that by early fall.

If all goes to plan, the group says the initiatives will be on the Nov. 2022 ballot.

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(24) comments


You can register my guns when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers. I sincerely never hope I have to use them to harm another human being, but that is what they are there for, when it becomes necessary to do so. And to harm as many as necessary if a mob attempts to come after me, or my own.

They really have nothing to worry about as long as they are on their best behavior.


I don't see the fear over registering guns. If you bought them legally and handle them responsibly what are you afraid of? The gov already knows EVERYTHING ELSE you're doing. They probably already know about all your guns anyway.


It's not about fear, it's about the fact it is none of the government's business what we own. Their weapons have killed more innocents than ours ever will.

There's a famous quote about sacrificing essential liberty for security. Perhaps you've heard it...


Imagine if you had to apply to the government for a permit to post on the Internet. Or better yet, a permit for every post you make. And before you were granted that permit, you were required to take a course in Approved Posting Content, and only allowed to post comments that were approved by a band of nosey do-gooders. Since you aren't posting anything illegal, you should be OK with that, right?


Because what comes after registration is confiscation.


First of all, Commentor, no it doesn't. And besides, wasn't the 2A put in place to stand up against a tyrannical gov? If they start coming to take your guns, then you use those guns to fight back. Boom, problem solved, right?


Charlatan, it's too late for that. they already do. Might as well start registering the things that can be used to kill people

and clack, that is pretty easy to imagine since it's already done with cars. now you imagine equating words with things that can be used to kill you.

I have nothing against people owning guns, but I feel like you should have a license to own them. Just like a car. You gotta go get tested every few years make sure you're still competent to operate them.


See, the point you're missing here is that the 2nd Amendment, as it is written, makes no mention of one needing a license to bear arms. Nor does it mention the need to register the aforementioned arms. That's what you're up against with this crowd.

That having been said, I don't even think a constitutional amendment which necessitates a license and obliges one to register their weapons would be looked on too kindly by the vast majority of gun owners. I know it wouldn't make a difference to me since I never agreed to let a 200 year old document written by slave owners decide my freedoms for me.


You don't need a license to own a car. Who told you that? And postings on the Internet have been used to incite and organize violent riots that have killed far more people than my guns have.


Sorry, a license to DRIVE the vehicle. You know, the vehicle you have registered with the state to use outside of your driveway? Do you have a drivers license? or just own a car and don't drive it anywhere.


"Interfaith Movement" means "faith" movement based on nothing, definitely not on the bible. The US was founded on Christian principles and every functioning government in world history can trace it's laws back to the bible (weather they want to admit it or not). The right to defend yourself is a god given right. As far as I'm concerned this ballot is trying to get rid of your god given rights and reward the evil thugs that has been vandalizing Portland over the last 16 months.


Your knowledge of US history is severely lacking. The US was NOT founded on Christian principles. You need to do a more studious review of history before spouting such ignorance.


Get out of here. "Founded on Christian Principals" is rubbish. Don't push your imaginary friend into government and our country.


Oh sure punish legal responsible gun owners for the acts of criminal thugs felons and gangsters who could care less what laws you pass. That will keep those items out of the hands of felons and gangsters just as well as drug laws keep drugs off the streets. SMH!


No. Just no to all of that nonsense. I don't care what some adult with an imaginary friends thinks I need. Whether or not I need it isn't their business nor is it their place to decide for me.


KPTV quit censoring / deleting comments on this article.


I there should be 2 petitions circulated

Petition #1 - Keep religion out of politics in Oregon, yes or no.

Petition #2 - Make Oregon a constitutional carry state, yes or no.


1 - definitely yes

2 - definitely yes


How about Petition #3. Quit allowing Churches to be tax-exempt. Why should my tax dollars have to make up for the taxes these religious businesses don't pay.

Delta Bravo

Please include frozen water bottles, pop cans, fireworks, any incendiary, rocks, bricks, steel balls, shields, umbrellas, hoodies and any other item used in the recent violence. They all need to be registered as they are deadly individually or in combination. The Rabbi should be able to identify with rocks, given the biblical story of Goliath. Gatherings need to be limited to 2 as 2 people with any of the above weapons can easily overcome 1 person with no defense. Lastly, the only gun death in the recent violence was by an Antifa dude, not by a lawful gun owner.

Eliza Cassan

enforce the laws on the books, like felon in possession of a weapon, the streets would be pretty much clear then


Good luck with that in a LEGAL election!


Please disarm the gangs and criminals first and stop the rioting and vandals.


That does not fit their narrative. To them the gangs and criminals are pure as driven snow, It is the law abiding legal gun owners that are the problem for them.

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