BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) -- As some local districts just announced this week that they are extending distance learning, families say they're maxed out.

The new way of learning has changed routines for families.

Jennifer Kienow is a parent of three kids in the Beaverton School District.

She has a third grader, eighth grader and sophomore in high school.

She says distance learning has put a lot of pressure on her family.

"As a mom you feel like a lot of it's on us to help these kids succeed," Kienow said. "And you don't want your kids left behind."

This structure of learning isn't going away anytime soon as the Beaverton School District and Portland Public Schools recently announced they're extending distance learning through the beginning of next year.

Kienow had to adjust her schedule and is working part time right now with all of the schooling changes.

She says she can't be home all of the time with her kids during the school day, but luckily her 15-year-old is able to hold down the fort.

Families bracing for continued stress as school districts announce distance learning extensions


"Unfortunately they're probably home about four hours of the day by themselves without a parent. So I'm just crossing my fingers they're doing their job and we remind them this is their job," Kienow said. "I know everybody's in different situations and I know the schools are trying to do their best. I just find with this distance learning it really puts a divide between the haves and the have-nots."

She says there's also technical difficulties and lack of in-person socialization.

Now with the extension, Kienow says she understands the decision to keep everybody safe.

But she says it's clear this structure of learning won't work forever.

"It's tough on all of them. It's just really truly sad," Kienow said. "I feel deflated because that's a long time to be the teacher and to help the kids."

The Gresham-Barlow School District also announced it will extend virtual learning through the end of November.

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Well, the teachers union really runs this state that's for sure....The governor could care less about the normal working parents who have to juggle this stuff they are putting us through!

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