Family members of man killed in PIR brawl looking for witnesses, answers


Family members are remembering Anthony Mancuso, a Portland man who died from his injuries Friday, after he was involved in a brawl at Portland International Raceway.

His spouse of 20 years, Debbie Rommel remembered the last time she saw Mancuso before the night of the raceway.

"We were to Mount Tabor, had a great day with all the grandchildren," she recalled. It was the last memory of him before she received the news from Mancuso's daughter-in-law.

"She said 'Debbie, Tony's been punched and it's bad, and you need to get to the hospital, they're taking him to OHSU,'" Rommel said.

Mancuso remained in the hospital where he died days later from severe brain injury.

Michael Taylor, 50, was arrested by police in connection to the brawl. Taylor appeared in court but his charges including assault were dismissed, pending a grand jury.

Mancuso's widow believes hot tempers do not belong on the track.

"If you can't contain yourself in situations in something competitive, don't be in those situations," she said. Mancuso, who everyone knew as Tony, was described by neighbors as the Italian family man who give the shirt off his back to anyone.

"He loved his children and his grand babies," Rommel described. "I want everyone to come forward to help someone, help Mia, help Tony, help us all because people like that don't belong here, they need to be put away."

Police are looking for witnesses who may have seen or took video of the brawl that night at PIR. If you have any information, contact the Portland Police tips line at 503-823-HELP (4357).


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