Family of Oregon’s youngest suspected COVID-19 victim wants answers

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The family of an Oregon man who died of COVID-19 is questioning whether he actually died from the virus. They are now waiting on results from the Center for Disease Control, which they say could take a few more weeks.

The family of Matthew Irvin says they want answers after Irvin initially tested negative for coronavirus, but then it was the cause of his death.

Irvin, 26, is listed as the youngest person in Oregon to die from the virus.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, Irvin died on July 10 in his Yamhill County home. He had no underlying health issues identified.

But his family says that just days before that, when he started feeling sick, he had tested negative for COVID-19. They say his condition quickly got worse and his temperature reached close to 104 degrees. They say it took less than four days from the time Irvin started feeling sick to when he passed. Now, they want to be sure why.

Family members hired their own pathologist to perform an autopsy but the results were inconclusive. Now, the CDC is testing Irvin’s lung tissue for a final determination. His family says they just want answers so they can grieve and move forward.

Irvin’s stepfather said he wants people to take COVID-19 seriously. He says if his son did die from virus, this is very serious, and people need to wear their masks.

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(6) comments

Mr Q

It’s been almost 2 weeks ... any CDC results or has the “reporter” forgotten bout this unanswered article?


Nothing to see people he died of what we tell you died from that's all you need to know!

Roberto Estrello Demar

All tests have inaccuracies among their results. Ask the complaining members of the family how much they weigh, down to the milligram, or how old they are, to the second on the Aztec or the Julian calendar. When "People Want Answers" they are usually just ignorant people looking for publicity, sympathy, and someone to sue.

pb sir

I'm confused by this article... if he tested negative for Covid-19, and his autopsy was "inconclusive" for Covid-19, then why are we calling this a "Covid-19 death" at this point?

Frederick Fukov

Uhh..because it's politically expedient?


hope KPTV follows up on this and doesnt bury it when we find out he died negative covid

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