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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – There are families in the Portland-metro area who are impacted by the wildfires in California.

Some, like Portlander Kara Cannon, have learned their loved ones barely escaped the inferno from the Campfire Fire.

In a split second Cannon’s family had to leave their homes in Paradise, California as flames hurdled toward them.

“They didn't have time to get anything from any houses. I mean everyone that I talked to literally just has the clothes on their back,” Cannon said. “My dad was in a truck and he almost had to ditch his truck and just run from the flames.”

Now everyone in her family in Paradise has no home.

“My dad's home was his for 20 years, I grew up there you know every summer I was there so I felt like I lost a piece of my childhood,” she said.

Cannon’s father, brothers, sister, uncle and grandparents all live in Paradise.

For her father, it’s a strange reality to be faced with as he’s been a volunteer firefighter for years and is now without a home himself as she says he’d devoted so much of his time to helping those who are now in his situation.

“When he's needed he's out there and he stayed out there for months this last summer,” Cannon said. “Now it's his turn to maybe have people help out with him and get some positivity out of this.”

As crews continue to battle several wildfires across the state of California, Cannon reflects on the future for her family as she remains hopeful they will rebuild in Paradise.

“My heart says yes, that's their home,” Cannon said. “That's where they've been for a long time, and it's hard to say right now.”

Cannon set up a Gofundme page for her family and soon-to-be niece.

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