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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A woman is dead after she was hit by not one but two cars in Portland and police are looking for one of the drivers.

FOX 12 is hearing from that woman’s family.

Police told us a driver hit a woman here Wednesday night, and then, took off.

Not long after, she was hit by a second driver. As officers set up police tape around that crime scene an investigator was nearly hit by another driver.

 “Still in shock that all this happened, can’t believe she’s gone,” the victim’s niece Jessica Kein said.

Two cars hit her yesterday, one drove away the other stayed.

Jessica Kein is angry, her aunt she said died here Wednesday night after she was hit by two cars.

“Because the street is so dark, that’s why his wife died,” Kein said.

Her uncle, kneeling down with flowers and lighting incense, with tears in his eyes as he remembers his beloved wife.

“When he first found out she was gone…he was out of it, he fell to the floor,” Kein said.

The scene of that hit and run unfolding on Southeast Division, near 138th Avenue.

Police said the first driver who hit the woman took off and shortly after she was hit again.

The second driver, Brent Klausner was arrested for DUII and reckless driving.

As police investigated they said another driver went through the crime scene nearly hitting an officer, that man was arrested. 

And now Kein has a message to the driver who left her aunt behind to die in the street.

“Please turn yourself in. The cops will get you or karma will.”

A witness to all of this told us that first driver, pulled over, got out of the car and saw the woman in the street. The driver then stuck around for a few minutes but took off.

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