Family remembers 22-year-old man killed by drunk driver in Forest Grove

(Family photo)

Police say a drunk driver bailed herself out of jail nearly 48 hours after killing a 22-year-old man. Now, his family and the community are mourning his loss.

Jonathan Dominguez Esquivel's sister, Fatima Luna Esquivel, told FOX 12 say the drivers release isn't fair at all, especially since people who witnessed her brother's death say the driver went about a hundred yards before police caught up with her.

Esquivel stepped out to her brothers memorial for the first time Monday night.

"He was just excited. He got a raise, he was going to visit California, he was gonna buy a house of his moms dreams," said Esquivel. "He was always trying to make mom and I and my brother proud. He wanted to show us that he could do it."

Neighbors say Dominguez Esquivel walked along Pacific Avenue to work every night, for a year.

"Every night I would see him walk by. It's just sad to know that your life can just end that quick," said Nicole Garner.

Saturday night would be the last time Dominguez Esquivel would make that trip.

"It was a drunk driver and where is she now, home. And my baby brother, where is he now," Esquivel said.

Police arrested 27-year-old Bethany Lumber and held her on second-degree manslaughter and DUII charges. Lumber posted bail the next day.

It's something Esquivel can't ignore.

"It's my brother, my baby brother. It was just his birthday a few days ago," said Esquivel. "Don't go around killing people by doing stupid mistakes. If you don't think of yourself, think of others at least."

The one thing Esquivel can hold on to is the fact that so many people loved her brother.

Lumber is due in court on March 30.

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