CANBY, Ore. (KPTV) - Days after a deadly car crash in Clackamas County, the family of 16-year-old Matthew Dewar said his death has touched the lives of so many in the Canby community.

Matthew's parents, Paige and David Dewar spoke with FOX 12 and said their son went about life with a positive attitude and his faith was at the center of it all.

They told stories about the love he would radiate to his family, friends, and people he barely knew in the community. Since the accident, people have been reaching out expressing their condolences and returning that love to the Dewar family.

“I got a message from someone, and it was a mom of a boy of the class of 2021," David said. "She said she had to reach out because her son reached out to her and told her he [Matthew] was one of the nicest people. He would always say hi to him.”

Family remembers son killed in Canby crash

Image: KPTV

Matthew was driving to school with his brothers Isaiah and Jacob last Friday. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said a 17-year-old driver tried to pass another car near the corner of South Mulino and Blundell Road when he hit Matthew's car head on. Isaiah and Jacob were able to walk away with minor injuries, but Matthew died at the scene.

“Jacob, the one who was in the front seat, just mentioned one of the last things he remembers Matthew saying is 'what’s that guy doing?'” David said.

That morning, David said he was at work when the Fire Chief and the Chaplin came in and told him the news. The three went to the Dewar's home to tell Paige, where she was doing her morning devotions after sending her four boys off to school.

“I screamed and I screamed, and I thought of Jake and Isaiah," Paige said. "They said they were on the way to the hospital and they said they were stable."

Four days later, flowers and verse from the bible stand as memorial to Matthew near the crash site. Community members continue to stop by, dropping off flowers, food, and even offering to clean or do laundry. Paige and David said they're grateful for supportive community.

One of Matthew's passions was basketball. Paige and David believe he took that with him.

“When I see the picture of him in heaven it’s on golden basketball court with a golden ball and he’s playing one on one with my brother," Paige said. "He’s happier than he ever has been down here, he’s in heaven playing basketball.”


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