A local family is counting their blessings after their car was stolen and recovered not once, but twice in a month.

Police say both thefts happened in parking lots of Mt. Hood Community College.

School officials say these car thefts aren’t uncommon. They’ve counted 39 of them to date, since 2014.

Gresham Police Department officers tell FOX 12 four car thefts have already happened on the MHCC campus this year. Two of those were the same Subaru Outback, which officials say are really picking up in popularity for thieves.

Alonzo Perry is a freshman at MHCC.

“I know it’s not the safest area around here,” he said. “My car’s not the greatest, so I feel like it could be an easy target to get stolen.”

The students who go to Mt. Hood Community College know it’s a commuter school, where driving is sometimes their only option.

“Usually when I go to a college campus, I don’t want to be concerned about leaving my car and it getting stolen,” said another student, Vashti Wix, who is a sophomore.

MHCC officials sent out an email at the end of January, warning students of three thefts in four days. They were all Subaru's, and one of them belongs to Scott Trayhorn.

“They actually had a filed down key that they put in the ignition,” he said.

Trayhorn’s son, Bahr, drives it to MHCC for school.

So when Trayhorn heard from police they found his son's car abandoned, he was worried.

“I didn’t know if something worse had happened, cause I just get a call that the car was on the side of the road and abandoned. And the door was ajar, and I can’t get ahold of my son. So that was just a little bit scary,” he said.

Trayhorn tells FOX 12 this is the first time something like this has ever happened in the family, so he and his son thought they’d dodged a bullet by getting the car back.

That is, until Trayhorn got a call from his son last Friday saying the car had been stolen again.

“It was kind of like, ‘Oh my gosh,'" said Trayhorn. "They pretty much just left Taco Bell wrappers in there."

Taco Bell wrappers were left in place of stolen cash tips, shoes, and a trombone.

“It makes you wonder what the person’s thinking. That they can just take somebody’s else’s property, go for a joyride, go get Taco Bell, and then just dump it off," said Trayhorn.

Police say they’re dealing with multiple car thefts and recoveries on a daily basis. They say older models of Honda's and Subaru's can be much easier to take for a joy ride.

School officials tell FOX 12 that any huge parking lot, like the ones on their campus, is going to be a target for thieves. Officials say they do have cameras, but not in the areas the thefts happened so far this year.

As always, police recommend people keep the inside of their car clear of valuables, and to always lock their doors.

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