From her boyfriend’s hospital bedside, 18-year-old Allyssa Burton talked to FOX 12 over the phone Thursday, bragging about her little sister Akaaylee Burton.

Akaaylee, 12, was in the backseat of her grandmother’s friend’s car Monday around 8:15 p.m. Grandma was driving and Allyssa and her boyfriend Richard were in the front seat.

They were heading down Northeast Lombard near 15th Avenue, taking Richard to work, when Allyssa says an oncoming car crossed the center line.

“A silverish, brownish car is what I remember, like, swerved into our lane and I just blacked out,” Allyssa said. “I woke up to my boyfriend screaming, like, ‘Get my little sister out of the car! Get my girlfriend out of the car, she’s pregnant!’ And I like, couldn’t move. I seen Akaaylee was unconscious in the backseat and I just knew something was wrong.”

Allyssa broke her spine in two places. Akaaylee died instantly.

Akaaylee had just started seventh grade at the Open School in southeast Portland. Allyssa said she loved animals and drawing.

This is the second time Allyssa has suffered with this kind of grief.

"I’ve lost a sister before so it’s just really hard for me to lose the only other one I had,” she said.

Allyssa’s boyfriend and grandmother are still in the hospital, along with the driver of the other car. But police say his passenger, 42-year-old Quilly Lucas from Fairview, also died in the crash.

Police are not releasing the driver’s name at this time, but investigators believe alcohol and speed were factors in the crash.

Allyssa has a message for that driver.

“I just hope they never drink again," she said.

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