Fans back in Moda give added bounce to Blazers as they beat the Lakers

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Blazers had an added bounce in their steps with the 6th man at their backs for their game Friday night against the Lakers.

From the baseline to the roof line 1,900 Blazer maniacs were together as one with the Lakers in their house as Lebron James remained home in his own backyard in Los Angeles.

Beers in hands, masks on faces, it’s alright to feel good, it’s alright for nothing to be wrong and for two hours in real life and 48 minutes of game time it was strange but true and so beyond needed.

“Hopefully it goes beyond basketball a little bit that we are getting back to normalcy, obviously 1,900 is not 19,000 but the fact that we have got to this point? I think it’s important and hopefully as the season progresses and we get to the playoffs, then maybe a few more people can come. I think it is important for our city,” said Head Coach Terry Stotts.

This was as important of a game for the Blazers in the standing that they’d had. A tie-break battle with the Lakers to try and avoid the play-in tournament. While the Blazers can finish no worse than 10, the 5 or 6 seed is right there with six games to go, four of them at Moda.

Dame time was clocked in and locked in, knowing the significance of the evening, savoring the steps it took to get to this point in 2021. His solid night helped the team fend off some late runs by the away team. Final score, 106 to 101, Blazers.

Streaming, seeing and believing that better days are ahead in life and Blazer basketball with the stretch run towards the playoffs and not that COVID inspired play-in. This chapter to the NBA’s second pandemic season is rapidly playing out. The Spurs are in town Saturday, Rockets in town Monday as five games remain. The regular season will conclude a week from Sunday with the Nuggets.

So, will it be playoffs or play-in for the Blazers? We’ll know in just over a week.

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