PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - You know about the tickets and the mask, but when it comes to walking in the door, you know have to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.

That can be the physical card itself, a photocopy or a picture of it on your cell phone. If you can’t provide proof of vaccination, you’ll need to show you got a negative PCR test within 48 hours of kickoff.

Now the mask part. Because of Oregon’s statewide face mask requirement for large outdoor events, fans will need to have a mask on at all times.

The only exception is when you are eating or drinking.

Fans react to proof of vaccination and mask requirement at Thorns match

Image: KPTV

Providence Park isn’t the only sports venue that is enacting these requirements. On Wednesday the Portland Trail Blazers and the Rose Quarter also announced they’ll be looking for those vaccination cards.

That goes for Winterhawks games too. Enforcement starts September 4.

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(7) comments


ohhhh where ohhh where are the clear headed thinking people of Portland? The very same people who will protest the government at the drop of a hat seem to to be falling in line like sheep going crossing the street. Follow the science they have preached over and over! Where is the science saying being masked out doors will prevent spreading? All last summer we saw those very same people protesting against the government not caring about being masked, to now shaming people into wearing them now! If they would let me give the bird on this page I would. The people have bought into a government controlling them!


Did a child write this article? Nothing about fan reactions in the article that says fans react and spelling and grammar errors galore. Nice journalism Fox.


Just like how they had all the BLM stuff all over the place, they'll realize the money isn't coming in, and the rules will go away


Welcome to Oregon’s Third Reich!


Wrong government/philosophy. This is a m*rxist government showing its colors. Read up on the "Russian" revolution and the Spartacus revolution. Those are the same types of people running our schools, media, and big pharma.


Thorns? LoLoLoL


The Thorns are more fun to watch lately.

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