SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Salem police say an officer was shot during a neighborhood traffic stop on 5th Street Northeast near Highland Avenue Northeast Tuesday night. 

The suspect has been identified as 38-year-old Jaime Jimenez.

His father, who did not want to go on camera, tells FOX 12 he hasn't had regular contact with his son for the last 20 years, but this isn't the way he raised him.

FOX 12 has learned Jimenez, the man accused of shooting a police officer, had a long list of prior drug convictions and other run-ins with police. 

“What he did is not right,” Jimenez’s father said. “But I’m a different person.” 

The suspect’s father said the times he has seen his son, he’s tried to help him get on a better path. 

“Every time when I see him I told him, ‘OK, you should be good, and stay away from trouble,’” Jimenez’s father told FOX 12. “I told him, ‘Be good all the time,’ and he’s not. He don’t listen to me.” 

In surveillance video, the driver of the van can be seen speeding away after shooting the officer. 

Police say the officer hit by gunfire was rushed to the hospital, and an intense search got underway for the shooter.

Hours later and less than a mile away, the SWAT team surrounded an apartment unit where the suspect was hiding, and negotiated with him for nearly an hour before he peacefully surrendered.

Investigators say the suspect is Jaime Jimenez, and he faces several charges including attempted aggravated murder.

Police say another person in the apartment, 35-year-old Amanda Cayetano, was also arrested for hindering prosecution.

One of her family members, who did not want to be named, tells FOX 12 she and Jimenez were in a relationship at one time and involved with drugs.

Her arrest didn't come as a surprise to the family member.

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(2) comments

kyle H

What is the purpose of this story? I just don't see that there's anything in the story which is of public interest, excluding the fact of the officer being shot and suspect fled to ex-girlfriends home, where she lied to police as to his presence so when negotiations with the guy succeeded officers arrested and charged her as well. I don't understand why all the details dirty laundry from the family, unless the dad was owed a favor by the reporter, or editor, something like that. Why else would they taint s potential jury pool by publishing garbage like this junk?


I happen to want to know the details. If you don't get enough details like often happens I tend to think the police overact and are abusive. If you get enough details you can see that the arrest was warranted.

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