PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Parkrose community members say they are incredibly grateful that the situation Friday at Parkrose High School didn’t turn into anything worse. They’re thanking the school administration and police for quick action.

“You kept us calm, you kept us secured," Parkrose Senior Kaleb Gebremedhin said.

“It was so quick, like that panic turned into okay, our officers are there,” parent Heather Beckett said.

She has a daughter at Parkrose Middle School, which was on lockout Friday as the high school across the street was on lockdown for calls of someone near campus with a gun.

Sgt. Kevin McDonald with Beaverton police says a lockout or lockdown is the first step in a situation like this.

“That quick action is usually what helps save lives,” McDonald said.

And while students are kept safe inside, it’s the job of police officers to find the armed person as quickly as possible. Portland police say nearly all of their north and east precinct officers responded to the high school Friday.

“It is one of the highest priority calls we would go on if we have an armed person at a school we are putting a lot of resources there to handle that situation,” McDonald said.

According to the superintendent, it was school security staff who disarmed the student with the gun, and we’re told the football coach tackled him. Students and parents are appreciative of the fast-acting teamwork.

“I keep saying, who does that, I mean, that’s like soldier stuff, and then you’ve got our police officers that are just there like doing what they do best and they’ll protect our kids and they’ll protect our schools, I’m grateful to all ends of the Earth,” Beckett said.

“I just want to say Parkrose, man, we really did our thing today, like, we were ready for this we stepped up and we overcame this obstacle,” Gebremedhin said.

McDonald wants to remind students and parents of the Safe Oregon app which can be used to report student safety threats. For more information, go to https://www.safeoregon.com/.

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