PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The federal government and local leaders are at odds regarding the handling of ongoing protests in Portland.

After a weekend of violent clashes between federal officers and rioters, the question is, where does the city go from here?

Dozens, if not hundreds, of federal officers and agents descended on downtown Portland over the weekend.

In turn, the crowds have been some of the largest the area has seen in weeks.

National focus has also turned to Portland, with the hashtag #PortlandKidnappings becoming a trending political topic on Twitter. Federal agents have been accused of using unmarked vehicles and taking people into custody without suspicion or cause.

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said federal officers are in Portland to protect federal buildings and arrest criminals.

“DHS is not going to back down from our responsibilities,” Wolf said on Fox News. “We are not escalating, we are protecting federal facilities. It’s our job.”

The Portland Police Bureau changed tactics Sunday night, saying they did not engage with any crowds.

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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has called for federal officers to leave the city, saying someone is going to get killed if they don’t.

“Before the federal troops got here, violence was way down, vandalism was way down, our local and state law enforcement officials had contained the situation. The energy was coming out of the demonstrations, we had hoped they’d end within a matter of days and what happened instead is the federal troops came in, they used their unconstitutional tactics, they injured nonviolent demonstrators, and the whole thing blew up again like a powder keg.”

President Donald Trump also spoke out, saying he won’t let the destruction continue.

“These are anarchists. And the politicians out there, yes they’re weak, but they’re afraid of these people, they’re actually afraid of these people and that’s why they say we don’t want the federal government helping.”

Wheeler joined five mayors from around the country calling for the immediate removal of federal officers from cities and for a congressional investigation of their tactics.

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In a statement Monday, Gov. Kate Brown said, “This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. We cannot have secret police abducting people in unmarked vehicles. I can’t believe I have to say that to the president of the United States.”

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(14) comments


How long until to the election? They will be downtown everyday trying to sway a state that already thinks like most of them! Go to a conservative state would you please!


Exactly. They are preaching to the choir.

TomKat Books

Most of Portland is begging for protection from the rioting thugs. Wheeler obviously won't provide that protection. Trump had to step in to protect federal property.



I'm so happy the Fed's got here. Wheeler let Portland burn 50 + days. Now that the Federal Officers are here, he cries foul? Wheeler is on drugs OR he's an Antifa supporter!


Why Oregonians just why do we keep voting in these leaders who don't care one bit of the actual people that supported them? Last report over 23 Million lost to the downtown businesses.. The Governor is so useless it's just embarrassing!

Mr Q

As usual the antifa loving Ted Wheeler claims these violent thugs are just peace loving children and would NEVER do anything wrong. And the ONLY reason that the last 7 weeks of nightly destruction is because the last 2 weeks there have been Federal Law Enforcement Officers in Portland defending Federal Buildings


We need equal protection under the law and not just for the rioters.


Amen.... oooops am I still allowed to praise God?

Just curious

[thumbup] Amen to that suggestion.


I want thousand s of Federal Officers if that's what it takes to shut down these rioters! Throw in Wheeler, Hardesty and Brown..haul them all away, throw away the key. I thought that I could count on the state to keep us safe BUT I WAS so WRONG! Please Fed's come and set up shop! Don't leave, I beg you all! Do whatever it takes to shut these clowns down. I'll help pay the legal fees!


Bravo👏 DHS & PACT



"Federal government and local leaders continue to be at odds over handling of Portland protests, riots"

LOL, very well put. Local "leaders" are leftist/democrats who are making a political statement and doing nothing to stop the rioting, looting, arson, illegal protestors. Portland police have taken a knee to the anarchist and the only adults in the room are the feds, attempting to protect property from the nuts.

Thinking Person

I wonder why the tv stations like KPTV don't conduct a poll of the city? Seems they'll do it for inane things or at least have one on their website. Seems the answers might not be what they are trying to pump out the last few months.

The "protests-o-rioters" bring in ratings as nothing else will so "Rinse, Repeat"

pb sir

...and, Kate, I can't believe that I have to tell you that it's not actually happening...

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