PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -- A fifth grader from Southeast Portland launched a petition to have the now under construction Kellogg Middle School, named after the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

That petition has more than 1,000 signatures online.

Bridger fifth grader Ruby Waas Shull is hoping that name change will happen by the time construction is complete of the new school.

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg's been my hero and idol. So it was really important to me to represent her. Also I knew Kellogg had, his name's Joseph Kellogg I believe, he hadn't really done anything important for the community and Ruth Bader Ginsburg has fought for equal rights for many people," Waas Shull said.

Waas Shull first wrote to the district a year ago.

After Ginsburg's death last week, she wrote the board another letter.

Waas Shull read some of that to FOX 12 on Thursday.

"We have a lot of schools, far too many in my opinion named after white businessmen," Waas Shull said. "Lastly if kids go to school centered on only white males, then kids who are not those two things may feel unimportant or worthless even."

She and her sister Essa are hoping to present to the school board soon on the name change proposal.

Fifth grader petitions to change name of Kellogg Middle School to honor late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Image: KPTV

According to the district, it's open to student input in any renaming process and takes it very seriously.

In response to unrest across the country, the board released a plan in July that lays out new procedures for renaming its buildings and other spaces.

The district has not said if Kellogg would be a school considered for renaming in the future.

The district says right now there are two schools that will be going through the renaming process, Madison and Wilson.

A spokesperson released this statement saying in part:

"It’s important that this process be as thoughtful as possible and fully engaging with students. We must take a balanced approach that centers on the voices of students, especially students of color, and aligns with the district’s Racial Equity and Social Justice Framework and Plan, as well as the PPS Vision."

Waas Shull is glad to hear that sentiment from the district.

"I think it's really important that they'll understand what the students need and want, because we're the ones being affected by it," Waas Shull said. "I know that a lot of kids in my class don't know about RBG. But I feel like it would be really important for them to learn about her so they could have someone to look up to."

For a look at the petition click here

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(8) comments


So sad to be so indoctrinated. You can bet the "good judge" would have not batted an eye if these girls had been aborted.


The kids aren't doing this, it's the adults putting them up to it.

Frederick Fukov

Oh sure..do you girls eat "Ginsburg" cereal in the morning, or Kellogg's? Grow up.


You ignore what Kellog accomplished and why the school exists in the first place. Name it anything you want. It will be forgotten in 25 years. Scalia was more important than Ginsberg.


Marxist indoctrination lives on in Oregon schools.



time to look up Oregon History.

Joseph Kellogg

On arrival in Oregon, the heads of the families took up adjoining donation land claims of 640 acres each, on which they erected cabins. Kellogg built the first commercial flour mill in Oregon. He also built several of the first sawmills. Kellogg's land claim was next to that of Lot Whitcomb, at Milwaukie. Kellogg, Whitcomb and William Torrence laid out the town site of what they hoped would be the principal city in Oregon.

In Milwaukie, Kellogg built a sawmill and a schooner Kellogg, Whitcomb and Torrence loaded the schooner with provisions from the adjoining farms, took it to California, and there sold both vessel and cargo, and with the proceeds they bought the brig Forest, which they used in the lumber trade between Oregon and California. Lumber in Sacramento was at that time worth $200 for 1,000 board feet. The firm soon made money enough to purchase the bark Louisiana, which was fitted with engines and boilers and the complete outfit of a steamship.


But what was between his legs? That's what's really important when it comes to history these days


Is Joseph Kellogg from the Portland area?

If so I believe local history is more important.

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