PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Many college students are heading back to school, but recent budget cuts made to higher education in the state of Oregon have made finances more complicated for families.

More than 1,500 students were counting on the Oregon Promise Scholarship, but recently, students received emails saying it had been revoked. The Williams family said they only learned their daughter’s scholarship was rescinded recently, after they had planned on using this money to help pay for school.

“I was angry about it and I can understand that with budgetary cuts and with that’s going on, I see that," Clint Williams said. "But when you start penalizing your college students that are going out there after you’ve quote unquote promised them something? I just don’t understand that."

Williams said his daughter should be getting about $3,900 from the scholarship, but now, they are going to have to make up for that on their own.

“It’s gonna be substantial," Williams said. "It’s gonna be thousands of dollars for this term alone now that we’re going to have to cover."

Williams explained that his daughter stopped applying for additional scholarships once she was awarded this one, because at the time, she thought she was covered.

“She asked us about it if she should apply for more and we said no we wouldn’t apply for more, don’t take any more than what you need and let other kids have the opportunity to apply for those scholarships, so trying to do the right thing that way, and unfortunately, it’s backfired on us,” Williams said.

Oregon State Representatives Mark Owens, Daniel Bonham and State Senator Lynn Findley sent a letter to Gov. Kate Brown, calling this unacceptable.

“If our children lose trust in the state, that could be very difficult in the future," Owens said. "We made a promise to those young men and women and we need to keep that promise. We need to keep the Oregon Promise and re-fund the 3.6 billion dollars.” 

In the letter, the leaders call on the Emergency Board to find the funds so that these students can get their scholarships back.

“The letter that they wrote was clearly stated and there’s some passion behind this,” Williams said.

Owens said he has not yet heard back from the governor’s office.

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If you want to get elected, just promise potential voters anything they want. It's not necessary to actually give them anything, just tell them you will. Democrats have been doing this for years. Of course, in order to do it, you can't have any morals or ethics.

Frederick Fukov

And of course, Kate won't cut any state workers. How much money had been wasted by the government, to fight the rioters every night for three months? Priorities are something liberals never learned. I mean, why should they have to, when they operate with other peoples' money?


But..... But.... we are white privileged remember!


Just remember Biden and company are pushing for Blacks to have free college! Look who gets hurt in the process!


Democrats need the money to fund their rioters in Portland.


Thank your elected democrats

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