Firework sales kick off in unincorporated parts of Clark County

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CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – Fireworks sales kicked off on Sunday in unincorporated parts of Clark County.

“We had a line out on the street about an hour prior to opening,” Kevin West, manager at Mean Gene Fireworks in Hazel Dell said.

West said business was non-stop as people shopped for fireworks ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

“Today has been steady customers, can’t get them in fast enough, he said. “We can’t free up our carts fast enough to give them to the customers that want to come into the store.”

“There’s nothing like big fireworks, or just in general, fireworks, spending time with family, that kind of stuff,” Elizabeth Mclaughlin said.

McLaughlin and Benjamine Gomez crossed the river from Rainier to buy fireworks. They said they had to change their plans this year due to the pandemic.

“Normally we would go into town and see the fireworks in town, Longview, Rainier or even Vancouver. But now we have to actually do it ourselves,” she said.

They said they were visiting several spots to get as many fireworks as they can for the big show.

“We’re buying more and we’re having a bigger party and more fireworks,” she said.

West expects to see big crowds all week and are putting in precautions due to COVID-19, requiring masks and trying to stick with social distancing guidelines.

"We are trying to keep an open floor plan and we have created a check out line that actually goes around the tent so it doesn't bottle up inside," West said.

He also said they have enough inventory, but may need to get extra help if the crowds get any bigger.

Fireworks are not legal in the city of Vancouver and sales only run through next Saturday.

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Going to be a crazy 4th this weekend - 3 day weekend, no public displays, Police over stretched around Portland, people wanting to celebrate something, plus the usual folk who have absolutely no regard for others - Happy 4th!


Unfortunately, too many people don't follow the rules for fireworks. In addition to setting off illegal ones, they shoot them off before and after the allowed hours and before and after the allowed days. Here's a great way to have fun and get even with these idiots. Wait a few weeks or even months and set off a few extra loud firecrackers at about three or four in the morning. Preferably near the homes of those who didn't care about the law or your sleep. It's called payback and boy, does it make you feel great.

Frederick Fukov

I get the fascination. Growing up..the bigger, the louder, the more obnoxious the better. But we grow out of it and we realize we might as well just take the hundreds of dollars we spend..take out a lighter..and torch the money.

Ultimately this time of year, we all lose sleep because of citiots (city people) who fire them off in neighborhoods and at all hours. We can also count on more fires, more trips to the ER, etc. Also, since most of the schiff is made over in China, we're putting our money in their pockets. Considering what's going on in our country and around the globe right now..because the communist chinese regime released a virus on the world, I'm not buying anything that's made in china..ever again.

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