ALBANY, OR (KPTV) – A forensic team spent hours collecting evidence Wednesday from the home of a missing Albany woman, according to neighbors.

Tiffany Lazon, 37, hasn’t been seen since Christmas.

Albany police said Lazon was being evicted from her home off Southeast 16th Avenue and they were concerned that she was involved in an “unhealthy” relationship.

Her estranged husband, Craig Lazon, was arrested by Albany police Tuesday on charges of animal neglect and abandonment. A department spokesman said Craig Lazon “abused a cat,” but didn’t provide other details on the case.

Police have not said whether Tiffany’s disappearance is suspicious or if they are looking for a suspect.

“I have a really bad feeling and I think something’s weird over there,” said neighbor Ceaunna Stephenson.

Stephenson said she’s been neighbors with the couple for four years and that the pair would sometimes fight with one another.

“I would hear fighting,” said Stephenson. “It would be in the summertime, super late at night. We would hear fighting and we would just look out the window and see them fighting.”

Court records show Tiffany’s husband was convicted of assaulting her in 2013.

Neighbor Kathleen Morrow said Craig lived with Tiffany at the home off-and-on and Tiffany once opened up to her about the abuse.

“She has told me in the past that he’s threatening,” Morrow said.

Morrow told FOX 12 that she hasn’t seen Tiffany for months but saw Craig and another man moving stuff out of the home shortly after the New Year.

“What also struck me funny, is whenever they would put something in the truck, they would, or he would – bring the door down,” Morrow said of the U-Haul.

“I just really hope they find her alive and well,” Stephenson said.

Albany police said more information will be released Thursday afternoon about the case and Craig’s arrest.

Police said they are still looking for Tiffany.

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(2) comments


Guess they don't use Lie Detectors anymore. That is the first thing they should do is question this dude with a lie detector. Just like the other young woman that is still missing after her boyfriend and her got separated. That dude needs a Lie Detetor to either show his innocence or possible involvement. That case has gone to the wayside it seems. That boyfriend was in custody for other crimes and is sure sounds suspicious on the whole situation. Test that guy now. Quite wasting precious time.

Frederick Fukov

Based on the info provided, it would be pretty naive to believe Tiffany is still alive. Sounds like the abusive husband finally graduated to the ultimate sin.

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