PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A now-former Portland Police Bureau officer was arraigned Monday on charges of assault and misconduct in connection with a Portland protest.

The Marion County District Attorney’s Office said a criminal investigation involving Officer Scott Groshong, 50, was initiated June 29. Groshong was placed on modified duty with the police bureau at that time.

The Portland Police Bureau had requested the Salem Police Department take over the criminal investigation, and, due to a conflict, then-Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill appointed the Marion County District Attorney’s Office as special prosecutor.

Groshong retired from the Portland Police Bureau in August while the investigation was pending.

Groshong turned himself in to law enforcement Thursday and was arraigned Monday morning. He is due back in court Dec. 14.

Regarding the charges, court documents state Groshong “did unlawfully and recklessly cause serious physical injury” to the victim and “did unlawfully and knowingly fail to perform a duty imposed on him by law and one clearly inherent in the nature of his office.”

The Portland Police Association issued a press release last week stating Groshong was working in an undercover van near Northwest 9th and Davis Street on the night in question when a man stole from a skateboarding shop in the area. According to a PPB press release about protests that night, June 15, the burglary happened just before midnight, with several suspects arrested. The Portland Police Association says one of the suspects claims he was intentionally hit by Groshong's van.

“Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crosswinds of an extremely divided city and a politicized criminal justice system,” according to a statement from Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner.

Turner's release also states, "And instead of presenting all of the cold, hard facts, the outside prosecutor from Marion County withheld from the Grand Jury key eyewitness testimony."

The Marion County District Attorney’s Office issued a statement Monday about the public release of information in this case. The district attorney’s office did not specifically cite the Portland Police Association.

“Oregon Law prohibits the release of confidential grand jury information by any person, except for the district attorney or a law enforcement agency in effectuating an arrest. Neither the Marion County District Attorney’s Office nor Salem Police Department was the source of any previously reported or published confidential information.

Prior to today's arraignment, inaccurate and incomplete information from unknown sources was improperly reported to the pubic commenting on a pending confidential criminal indictment. The publication of inaccurate or incomplete information in any criminal matter is contrary to the proper function of the criminal justice system in Oregon. It misleads the public, creates confusion, and may violate the due process of an accused or the constitutional rights of a victim,” according to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

The press release from the Portland Police Association remained on the association’s website Monday.

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(10) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

And so we have our choice: Wheeler, or Iannarone. Because nobody who is worth a d*** wants to step into this city's political maelstrom of special interest, perpetually unhappy, anger-addicted "activists." The legal "profession" and the "educating," self-promoting egotists of Portland have destroyed our community.

Thinking Person

The officer was responding to the looting of CAL SKATE a local fixture in Old Town or used to be. They have hours but last week I noted they had at least 4 tents set up in front of their business. It's disgusting downtown now. Thanks Rioters.

PDX is a warzone

Purely political. Scott will be FULLY exonerated if these phony charge ever make it to a court of law. Enjoy your retirement Scott, your friends love and support you.

Frederick Fukov

At 50, he's retiring from Portland only. The most important part of these bogus charges is that they need to be dropped, or he needs to be found not guilty, because it's likely his plan is to apply for a law enforcement position in a better place, a place that respects the law, the flag, and the constitution.


Freddy said it all.

Wheeler & Co. should be locked up And, replaced with leadership that supports law and order.

Frederick Fukov

One more shining example of how libs have lost their minds. This guy worked for many years, making sure Portland's citizens were safe. By all accounts, there were no other reported disciplinary actions associated with this officer. He, and other local law enforcement officers have been dealing with an impossible situation since last May. They have had their hands tied and their manhood stripped by the idiots in City Hall. They get spit on. The get rocks, bottles, paint filled balloons and molotov cocktails hurled at them. They get blinding lasers pointed in their eyes. And they've been dealing with this garbage every night for five months now. The accuser is a thief, and has likely done much worse than that. The DA has dropped the cases of about 90% of the lawbreakers who are attacking the police, and yet this officer now has to spend thousands of dollars to defend himself? Wow..I hate Portland.


The lack of support for the officers of the PPB is disgusting and appalling. I'd like to see every officer in that department reign or retire in mass leaving the city looking like the fools that they are. Specifically, Ted Wheeler, Joanne Hardesty and the communist candiate for mayor Sarah Iannarone.

Frederick Fukov

If that were to happen, it would either force Governor Neurosis to call up the guard, or Trump would declare Marshal Law and order the military to Portland.


War on cops while vagrants and antifa thugs destroy the city.


Spot on comment, Mr. Hood

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