Johnny Tuck Chee Chan

Johnny Tuck Chee Chan appears in court (12/18/2018).

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A man accused of recording more than 70 people with hidden cameras in two separate workplace bathrooms appeared in court again on Tuesday.

Johnny Tuck Chee Chan was a pharmacist at a Keizer Permanente facility that is not open to the public; he is accused of recording employees at the facility without their consent.

When allegations against him came to light, he was fired and got another job at the Banana Republic at the Cascade Station shopping center. Investigators say they found a hidden camera in the employee bathroom there, too.

One of Chan’s alleged victims spoke with FOX 12 on Tuesday about the impact this had had on her.

The woman said she received a call from Banana Republic headquarters saying she was identified as one of the victims in video footage Chan had recorded.

“For the first few days, I cried nonstop over this,” the woman said. “I’ve been needing counseling to get help for how to deal with this, because something like this has never happened to me and I’m pretty traumatized by it.”

The woman was one of about half a dozen alleged victims from Banana Republic who also appeared in court Tuesday.

Investigators say Chan also placed a hidden camera in a shared workplace at Keizer to get video of women wearing skirts and placed a miniature camera on his shoe to get ‘upskirt’ pictures as he walked around.

Additionally, investigators say he was in possession of explicit sexual videos showing children under 18 years old.

The woman FOX 12 spoke with on Tuesday says she is also angry at Banana Republic for hiring Chan after he lost his job at Keizer over these allegations.

“I think it’s just scary that he had the audacity to do this again after he was already caught doing this a year ago,” the woman said. “I think there needs to be the appropriate punishment for him, or else he’s going to do this again for the third time.”

After Chan’s first arrest he bailed out of jail; he was arrested for a second time on Dec. 7. His defense attorneys will meet with prosecutors in January to talk about Chan’s bail amount ahead of his trail.

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