PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - It's no secret, a CBD craze is sweeping the country. You can find it at bars, coffee shops, gas stations even.

Christine Smith, owner of Grön Chocolate, makes CBD-infused chocolate in Portland.

“I sold my stock options at my little architecture firm and bought chocolate machines, much to my father’s dismay and never looked back,” Smith said.

CBD is most often extracted from marijuana and hemp plants and is not supposed to get you high.

Those who swear by it, said it helps everything from anxiety, insomnia, and for Mathew Consola, chronic back pain.

“It has drastically changed my life,” Consola said.

But Smith said the regulations around CBD are lacking.

“It’s a little like the dot com boom that we saw in the 1990’s,” she said. “You know everybody, it’s the big money grab.”

“There are some that just want to get in and get out and they’re doing the quick approach and they’re not really concerned with the longevity or something that’s going to be a lasting brand,” Smith continued.

The FOX 12 Investigators decided to look at eleven different CBD products. All of the products were bought in person at Portland stores, though not all were from Oregon.

FOX 12 then took the products to a local cannabis and hemp testing facility, Green Leaf Lab.

“We don’t want the CBD industry to just be snake oil, right,” Eric Wendt, Chief Science Officer at Green Leaf Lab said. “People are going to be relying on it and expecting it to perform or at least expect it to contain the things it’s advertising.”

Lab results from Green Leaf showed a jar of CBD honey advertised at 500 mg of CBD, came back with 64 mg.

A CBD honey stick, advertising 10 mg of CBD, only came back with 3.6 mg, according to Green leaf.

Finally, CBD oil tested came back with 43 mg when 300 mg was advertised.

FOX 12 also found confusing labeling in two of the products that came back as accurate.

“It’s important to look at the labeling closely, to make sure you’re getting what you expect you’re getting,” Wendt said.

A lemonade chill shot tested had letters on the front of the bottle reading 200 mg, but it was for another ingredient in the hemp plant. To find the actual amount of CBD, 20 mg, you have to read the back of the bottle.

Then on CBD capsules tested, one side of the label stated 50 mg per capsule, the other side stated 25 mg.

The company said it was a manufacturing mistake and 50 mg should be listed on both sides.

The capsules also came back with a hint of THC in it.

“They were advertising themselves as a full spectrum oil used, which is a way of saying there’s more than just CBD here,” Wendt said.

“It was below the legal limit for hemp product,” Wendt continued. “It wasn’t in violation of any rules or regulations, but if you were consuming it with the expectation of nothing there, no THC present, you’d be disappointed.”

The company told FOX 12 a good point was brought up about THC not being labeled and they’re always open to recommendations.

FOX 12 heard back from the companies Green Leaf said had inaccurate results.

The manufacturer of the CBD honey jar said he stands behind his product, saying honey is hard to test and not all labs can test it correctly.

He said he does get all of his products tested by a third party lab and provided us accurate results from a recent batch he had tested.

As for the manufacturers of the CBD honey stick and CBD oil, they thanked FOX 12 for bringing the results to their attention and said as of May, they’re using the OLCC marijuana rules for testing their CBD so moving forward, they should have more accurate results.

As for consumers, Wendt recommends people buying CBD from a dispensary. He said everything in a dispensary requires testing and accurate lab labeling.

Lastly, he recommends reading labels to understand exactly what you’re buying.

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